Laser Lamp Life – Celluon PicoPro

by Jane on August 4, 2015


Celluon Laser Projector

Celluon Laser Projector

We did write our overall review and rated the new in 2015 Celluon PicoPro but we still receive specific questions on the features of this model. One of these is about the lamp life. Hour many hours?

First, we must make it clear, this mini projector is not driven by a traditional lamp or even LED lighting.

Instead, the light source is a laser(s). We believe this is the first ever projector to incorporate lasers to project it’s image. At least, the first made available to consumers.

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How long will this laser light source last? 

We have looked on the company’s specifications page for this model but we couldn’t find any mention or claim to how many hours the laser source is good for.

We definitely think the company should provide this type of information. From researching the life of lasers we can only give an estimate of 15,000 to 20,000 hours.

We have read many reviews from others who have also bought and tested the Celluon PicoPro. Overall, the opinions and ratings from others is also positive.

We have also read questions and answers from others on, “How long will the lasers last?”. And the responses are in line with our approximation of 15,000 – 20,000 hours.

Another question many have asked on this model is about the 32 lumens and brightness. The low lumen rating has many people confused and concerned about whether or not the PicoPro will be able to project an image bright enough for viewing.

If you’re concerned on whether or not this model will be bright enough you may be surprised. Learn about the laser and brightness.

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