LG Electronics PH300 LED Minibeam Projector

by Jane on August 15, 2015

Review: LG PH300 LED Minibeam Projector

New in 2015, the LG PH300 minibeam projector which uses DLP technology to provide both excellent sharpness and image clarity. Furthermore, if image quality is a top priority then also be aware this model provides outstanding contrast levels (100,000:1 ratio).

As we read information on many of the top rated mini models in 2015 we are not seeing anything that comes even close to the contrast provided by this LG model.

There are many qualities and features to like, but like all mini projectors, this 400 dollar LG model also has certain limitations (we talk about these below).

LG PH300 review

Amazon Reviews and Price

What some critics are missing: After testing and grading a projector in our home, we almost always go online to read reviews and comments left by others to see how they agree or disagree with the opinions we have formed.

We have read certain critical reviews on the LG PH300, seems these people are expecting $400 model to perform  like it’s a $2000 model. You will not get all the bells-and-whistles for 400 dollars and it’s unfair to compare this little inexpensive model to the more expensive models.

Key Features and Performance 

LG PH300 reviewNative 1280 x 720 resolution (720p) – Not the absolute highest resolution but in 2015 for a mini projector 720p resolution is impressive. This projector was built for entertainment and provides content in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Movies, games, TV and other video content.

Also, keep in mind, resolution isn’t the only factor involved in producing a great picture. There’s also contrast, sharpness and brightness.

LED mini projector $400Powered by LED light engine – Both strengths and weaknesses exist when talking about LED lighting. The great thing about this type of light source, on average they last for 20,000 hours so you will probably never have to replace it. They are also very energy efficient.

On the other side, one weakness of the LED light source is this type emit a less powerful light stream compared to the traditional bulb. This is something to consider.

See more reviews and price at Amazon

  • In a dimly lite or dark room, the LG PH300 is capable of producing a 100 inch screen image. However, when using in a brightly lite room the screen size will need to be reduced to get the best viewable image.

LG PH300 price reviewHow small – Right now, the place to get the best price on the LG PH300 is AMAZON. Every other place we look is selling this model for $450, AMAZON has it for $410. But we do want to mention a problem with the product description at AMAZON.

AMAZON lists the dimensions as being 11.8 x 6 x 10 inches (Length times width times height). Take a look at the size in the video below. Maybe AMAZON is referring to the size of the box it comes in? See below the video for the true dimensions.

True dimensions: From the manufactures website, 4.4 x 2.5 x 3.4 (length x width x height). Watching the video above, as it’s pulled out of the box, you can easily see these are the true dimensions.

I think the dimensions listed at AMAZON are the dimension of the box it comes in.

Built in battery – If you are wanting a portable mini projector then you must have an internal battery. No matter how small and how easy it is to carry around, if it needs an electrical outlet in order to provide the power then you don’t have a truly portable mini projector.

The LG PH300 is truly portable, it includes an internal battery with 2.5 hours of power.

LG PH300 connects to external devices, smartphone Connectivity  Ports – Just because it’s tiny doesn’t mean it lacks the ability to connect to external devices. It includes HDMI, HDMI port with MHL and USB ports. Connect to your laptop, smartphone, PC, gaming consoles.

These connectivity ports allows connection to virtually any external device. Use Chromecast, casting Plex libraries, Roku stick and other content streaming sources. The USB port also allows you to upload files.

For gamers – If you are a serious professional gamer then you can do much better. But this model does have a fairly low input lag (33 m/s) which should be fast enough for the average gamer.

Built in Speakers Yes, this model has them. While, this is important to have for a portable projector, however, we are not big fans on the audio provided by projectors in general. Most every projector on the market today has an audio jack which allows the user to plug in an external audio source.

See more reviews and price at Amazon

Limitations of the LG PH300

Overall, in the price range of $400 for a mini projector we would have to rate this model as one of the top picks for 2015, however, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Nothing that you can buy is going to be absolutely perfect.

The one thing we would mention is the brightness of this model. This goes for all projectors using LED light sources.

While it’s very nice to have a LED light source that never needs replaced, compared to the traditional bulb which can sometimes last less than a 1000 hours and cost $100 or more to replace, there’s also something you will be giving up when you have a LED projector.

What you will be giving up is a certain level of brightness when compared to projectors that use standard bulbs.  

We have no idea of your intended use. What we can tell you, the LG PH300 is best used in dimly lite or dark rooms. In a dark room it will produce a brilliant screen image up to 100 inches.  The more light in the room, will require the screen image size to be scaled back.

Conclusion – would we recommend it

If you have the intentions of purchasing a mini portable projector with a built in battery in 2015, yes, we would highly recommend putting this one on your list to consider.

If we had to recommend other models to compare the PH300 to, it’s comparable in price and functionality to both the AAXA p300 and p450. These models are very close in price and functionality.

We have not decided yet which one is the better buy, but when we do compare these models you can read about it here.

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