LG PF1500 Lumens – Is it bright enough

by Jane on July 14, 2015

We recently wrote a review on the LG PF1500 Projector (New in 2015) you can read it here. One attribute of this model that we have received more than a few inquiries on is, “Lumens, how bright is it?”. Since we skimmed over this in our review we would like to go into a little more detail on lumens and brightness.

Word of advice: When buying a projector, don’t trust the manufacturer’s word on brightness levels. You will never read a product description where a company markets the brightness of their product as so-so or below average.

If a 120-inch screen satisfies you, we rate the LG PF1500 as the best projector you can currently buy in 2015 for under $1000. Take a look at the two videos below. The first  example shows viewing TV (Sports – ESPN) with the lights on, the second shows how movies look with the lights off.

This video above demonstrate the picture quality and brightness well. If you can, the most guaranteed way to get an accurate assessment is in a live demonstration, for example, at a store, such as Best Buy. If you can’t then the next best way is to read other customer reviews or find a forum where you can ask your question and have it answered by members.

What do we think on this 

In the manufacturer’s manual the specifications for the LG PF1500 read, 1400 lumen, That’s weak!!! Right?

Keep in mind, # of lumen is a major factor determining effective brightness but not the only factor.

The LG PF1500 provides an excellent picture even with the lights on for screen images up to 120 inches. From using this model in our home with the lights off, the screen can be increased to 130-140 inches without any noticeable degradation of image quality.

Are you buying a home movie projector?

The LG PF1500 is best used for home movies. It can be used in a room with the lights on to watch TV as well. But back to the use for home movies.

We always receive questions on how the picture looks with the lights on. At 120 inches the image looks amazing (see the video above).

But this is When you pay to watch a movie at a theater do they keep the lights on? Or do they darken the room to show you the movie?

Cinema is meant to be watched in a dark room. And this will only enhance the picture.

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