LG PF1500 Smart Projector Review

by Jane on July 8, 2015

LG Electronics PF1500 review

LG PF1500 LED Projector

After testing this model, we waited almost a month to write our review on the new (2015) 1080p LG PF1500 Smart projector a model which we are highly impressed with.

We waited because we were interested in seeing if reviews left by other owners agreed with our overall impression of the model.

Our opinion of this model is so high we will be adding it to our top 2015 1080p models for under $1000.

The right choice for you?

If you’re searching for 1080p high-definition (HD) projector for viewing movies, TV programs, streaming YOUTUBE, etc. The PF1500 is an excellent choice in 2015.

A warning to hardcore gamers. You may be impressed by the high contrast ratio, 150,000:1 (Amazing), you may be intrigued by the LED light source, the brightness and the high definition resolution but this is not a best choice for gamers.

The following video does an excellent job at explaining all the different features and showing exactly what comes inside the box when you buy it.

The model can be used for gaming but for hardcore gamers, the 70ms lag will not meet their needs.

See the best price and read other buyer reviews

Is it Portable? 

A marketing mistake? The LG company describes this model as being portable. OK, at 5.2 x 8.7 x 3.3 inches and 3.3 pounds, the dimensions are fairly small.

But what does the word “portable” mean? Does it mean small and light weight?

To us at projectorreviewsite.com, portable means you can take it with you and use it any where. Inside you house or office or outside. And this ability would require an internal battery.

As much as we like the LG PF1500 do not agree with LG thinking this as a portable model, due to not having an internal rechargeable battery.

LG Electronics PF1500 review

LG Electronics PF1500; High Definition (1080p)

Now that we are done nitpicking on this model we will go on to explain what we like about it.

A ton of brilliant features

At a price point under $1000 the image quality provided by the  LG PF1500 is vivid and clear. Absolutely brilliant for the price!

What makes it so great? A combination of features working together allows the picture to impress:  1080p high definition resolution, high contrast (150,000:1), excellent brightness, LED light source and the Triple XD engine.

Take a look at the short video below which shows a broadcast of ESPN during football season. It’s hard to deny how good it looks.

Keep in mind the video is showing the image quality in a room with the lights on. It still looks fantastic, don’t you think? If you want to see how it looks playing a movie in a dark room see the 2nd video right below this first one.


What’s your opinion on the picture display? Is there a better choice for under $1000? If you think there is, leave us a comment to let us and everyone who might read this review know.

More than a great picture

Picture quality is usually the most important feature when buying a projector but not the only feature to consider. The LG PF1500 has loads of other useful features which you may be interested in.

  • Easy set-up; 1.1 x Zoom and 4 corner keystone correction.
  • Digital TV tuner.
  • LED lamp life of 30,000 hours.
  • Two HDMI ports.
  • Wireless mobile connection.
  • Bluetooth sound out; wirelessly stream sound to Bluetooth compatible sound system.
  • Built in Netflix, Hulu and Vudu applications; easy connection.

The Bottom Line

The LG PF1500 projector is without a doubt one of the top home theater models at the $1000 and under price point available in 2015. The biggest strength of this model is picture quality and ease of use.

This model also has a ton of different features. You may not use all of these but they are definitely worth learning about.

The only reason we would tell a person to stay away from purchasing this model is if they are looking for a devoted gaming projector to devout. Yes, the model will connect to gaming consoles but the lag time of 70 ms will not be sufficient for most hardcore gamers, there are better options in this category.

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Tom September 2, 2016 at 4:00 am

I was currently looking for a LED projector bright enough to peeform well enough in a well lite room to replace my television. Would the LG PF1500 be capable?


Jane September 3, 2016 at 1:47 pm

Before we answer this question on the LG PF1500 let us qualify it by saying the best environment for a projector is a dim or dark room environment. This can be seen when you buy a ticket to watch a movie at the theater. What happens just before the movie starts? Do they dim the lights or do they keep the lights on?

Of course you know the answer, the lights are dimmed, in fact, it’s almost completed dark in the theater. This is because ambient light in the room will disrupt the beam of light the projector is throwing from a distance to produce the images of the movie.

The LG PF1500 produces a 1400 lumens of brightness. You will find many projectors rated higher in the area of lumens (brightness) but this the PF1500 is an LED light source so the 1ower lumen rating compared to many other projectors with traditional light sources is not accurate. The PF1500 is brighter than the stated lumen rating would led you to believe.

With that said, will this model work well in a lite room to watch TV and movies during the daytime? Yes, it will. However, in the specifications of this model it states the MAX screen image this projector can produce is 120-inches. We would not suggest thinking you will be able to produce a 120-inch image in a well-lite room you will want to produce a smaller image in this setting to (maybe 80-inches) to offset the effect of ambient room light.


Andreas October 25, 2016 at 6:11 am

You mention there are better options than this projector for gaming, could you list those? I’ve been trying to find the optimal LED projector for home theatre/gaming but this one is the closest I’ve come.


Jane October 25, 2016 at 11:21 am

You a looking specifically for LED? If so, NEC NP-L102W and Optoma ML500 DLP Projectors are two you should check out. In around the same price range as the LG PF1500 another good option but not LED is the BenQ HT4050.


Andreas October 25, 2016 at 3:31 pm

Yes I am mainly looking at LED because I prefer the much longer lamp life and reduced power usage. This one seemed ideal to me but the 70ms input lag send like a lot even for a casual gamer.
I was looking at lg ph550 as an alternative, gives me less input lag but also lower resolution and quality.


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