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by Jane on July 26, 2015

LG PW8002015 LG PW800

So far in 2015 we have seen LG crash the gates and hold the competition hostage in the area of low cost, LED based, DLP portable home movie projectors, that’s a mouthful!

Two positive examples of the company’s presence are the PH300 and the PF1500 . These are worth taking a look at.

Priced in the middle

Here we will review a third example of the company’s success, the LG PW800 pocket projector, priced at.Vital statistics on this model: 800 lumens, 100,000:1 contrast and 1280 x 800 native resolution.

Compared to the competition, it provides many of best features in it’s class but also leaves a couple features out other models provide. Overall, if you’re looking for a convenient portable projector and you can afford $558, the LG PW800 is a choice worth considering.

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About the picture quality

If you would rather not read a long-winded review and are only interested in seeing the picture quality provided by this model, the following video shows the levels of sharpness, contrast and colors provided by this model.

LG PW800 projector review

Vivid and Sharp Picture Quality in 2015

Who should and who should not buy this and recommended uses

If you are looking for a super bright projector to watch TV and movies in a well-lite room or if you are looking for a conference room projector which will allow you to give your presentation in a large room with the lights on this is definitely not the model for you.

Also, if you need a huge screen image 150-300 inches this is also not the right choice for you. For best picture quality results, the recommended screen image for the LG PW800 is 100 inches.

Notice:  As you can see from viewing the video above, the picture quality provided by this model is excellent for a pocket projector. But you need to realize the video was shown in a room where the lights are dimmed. And it also looks like the screen size is about 100-inches.

Don’t make the same mistake

When we  review a model, the process not only involves testing  in our home, but also reading what others have to say. Below, is a review we found on AMAZON, we needed to reduced the text so it would fit on our page, hopefully you can still read it.

The comment below is from AMAZON, rating (3-stars), the lowest rating the this model has received so far. Although this is not a terrible rating, we do want to point out a little mischaracterization the person makes in their review and why their dissatisfaction was ultimately their fault.

If the text below is too small for you to read, here’s the gist of the critical critique. The person wanted a small but powerful projector for giving conference room presentations and was disappointing to find out the projector was not bright enough. 

See our response below.


Have you ever attended a conference room presentation? We have attended quite a few. The person who left the comment above doesn’t go into detail on the size of the conference room, screen or how far projector needed to sit from the screen.

Having the information would be useful

However, from our experience, conference rooms are usually decent in size, require a large size screen so the attendees sitting furthest away can see the images and read the text. Also, in many rooms the projector will need to sit a good distance from the screen as well.

If the assumptions we made above are correct and we feel confident they are the LG PW800 is not a good fit for this type of environment. With that said, in 2015, there’s no pocket projector we would recommend for this type of use.

The product description for this model states –  Project up to 100 inch screen size! This should have been the first clue to the buyer above that this model would not be a good fit for their intended use.

Note: By no means are we saying the LG PW800 would not make a a good pocket projector for presentations. It handles PowerPoint and other presentation software. If you intend to make presentations to small groups, in smaller room and a 100-inch screen image will work for you then this is a good choice.

See a list of the best pocket projectors for presentations.

Do you watch movies with the lights on

LG PW800 projector reviewIf you bought a movie ticket and sat down in a theater, what happens before the movie starts? Do the lights stay on?

How would you feel about your movie experience if the lights did stay on?

We bring this up because there are some concerns about the brightness of the LG PW800. It’s definitely not the brightness projector you can buy. However, if your heart is set on buying a mini projectors, overall as a group, these types of models are not the brightest when compared to larger more powerful models.

Overall, the it produces an acceptable image for viewing movies for best results keep the screen size between 60-100 inches. But keep in mind this projector is not meant to be used in a well-lite room. It’s ideal use is in dark spaces.

In our opinion 80 inches gave the best overall viewing experience.

Sharpness There’s room for improvement but overall does a good job. This projector uses a type of technology which produces diamond shaped pixels. Some claim the advantage of this type of pixel organization is that it allows for increased perceived resolution compared to the traditional square pixel.

We are not completely sold on this belief. One thing we can say for certain, the use of technology that produces diamond shaped images allows for the projectors thickness to be decreased.

Let it be known: If you plan to use this model for movies, gaming and presentations. When you do connect it to your computer or laptop you will probably notice a slight softening in the images sharpness. Computers mainly run on square pixels and the conversion into diamond pixels.

Overall, this should not be a problem, just be aware, the text and images when using a software such as PowerPoint will not be as sharp as what you experience watching movies or playing games at home.

Contrast It’s nothing to write home about as being amazing but for the price it’s at least on par, if not a bit better than other projectors in this under $600 price range. Solid dark or black colors do stand out from lighter colors.

Lag Input If you plan to use this for gaming. After testing, the lag time was seen to very between 35 and 50 ms. If you’re a professional gamer you surely will want something a bit faster but should be sufficient for the causal gamer.

On the limitations

Overall, for the price, you could buy a brighter, faster and one that supplies higher resolution. However, these would no doubt be the traditional, larger table top models.

Since you are reading about the LG PW800, a pocket projector, we have to assume you are wanting to buy the best small model? If this is not the case you may want to take a looked at our review which lists the top 1080p high definition models in 2015 in this same price range.


The LG PW800 is not an amazing break-through in 2015 for pocket projectors. But this is not to say it’s a bad choice in it’s price range either. The model has receive many good reviews and ratings. It’s worth taking a look at and comparing to the competition in the same price range.

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