Look at the brightness of the Epson Home Cinema Projector

by Jane on May 23, 2017

Beyond the native full HD 1080p resolution of the Epson 3500 Home Cinema Projector and the outstanding 70,000:1 contrast ratio, excellent inputs for connecting all types of external devices and the ability to project a picture in 3D. We should also mention this model also includes vertical and horizontal lens shift and a 1.6x zoom lens providing ease in set-up and great flexibility in room placement.

These are all great features to have in a home movie projector and are covered extensively in just about every review of the Epson 3500 projector across the internet.

However, there are other projectors available that can either: match, come close or even exceed these features. So, how do you decide which model is the best for you? Find the model that offers these features at the lowest price? This is how many people end up making their decision.

Here, we want to give you another dimension to consider when choosing a projector and why the Epson 3500 is a great choice for some people. Even above more expensive models.

For the best home movie experience

For the best experience, not only is it important to consider the intrinsic features of the projector itself but it is also important to find a good match for your specific room environment.

Do you have a dedicated room? Meaning, have you designed a room specifically to fit a projector for movies? Have you painted the walls dark? Is it your basement or another room where there is very little ambient light coming in from the outside?

Or will you be setting the projector you buy up in a room with walls painted white or lighter colors? Will there also be window(s)? Where it is hard to control the amount of light coming in?

For your situation

If the latter situation, room with walls painted with light colors, windows letting in outside light, describe what you are dealing with then the high brightness provided by the Epson 3500 projector would be an excellent choice for this type of room environment even above many more expensive models with more impressive specifications on paper.

Epson is known for brightness

Epson is the world’s leading manufacturer of projectors. With their 3LCD chip technology Epson models have become well know for providing excellent brightness.

As far as we know, Epson is the only company that provides brightness (lumen) ratings for both white and color brightness. Most, if not all companies only provide “white brightness” ratings when they say how many lumen their model produces.

The Epson 3500 Home Cinema Projector has a lumen rating of 2500 while this is quite good many reviews which have tested the brightness have concluded the number of lumen (brightness) to be in the range of 3000 -3500. This is believe since we know Epson tends to understate lumens in many of their models.

Also be aware, if you are buying a projector with a zoom lens the use of this function will decrease brightness output by some percent. The percent will vary from model to model but on average the percent decrease is usually in the 20-30% range. A review at projectorreviews.com which measured the # lumen of the Epson 3500 when the zoom lens was set at midpoint calculated the lumen at 2776.

The brightness is excellent on this model!

But there are better models

Yep, on paper, comparing specifications you can find better. More than likely, these will also be more expensive. however, greater specifications do not always equal better. Specifications do not consider specific room environments.

For example, there are many projectors with higher contrast ratings but at the same time, if these projectors have lower brightness the benefits of the higher contrast will be washed away during in a room environment effected by ambient light.

1080p HDTV or Epson 3500 projector

This Epson model is also 1080p resolution. If you are trying to decide between a high definition TV or projector, there are pro’s and con’s to both.

Projectors need to work harder to get the image to the screen. This is probably the biggest CON of buying a projector as opposed to a TV. To get the best possible image with a projector you will need to be conscientious of placement in the room and you will also need to design the room to best reduce the amount of ambient light. With a TV you don’t need to worry about room light. TVs are much easier.

The biggest positive? This is definitely the screen size a projector like the Epson 3500 can produce. Placed 8 feet away from the screen it can produce over and 80-inch image, placed 12 feet away its even bigger, around 125 inch image.


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