Mileagea LED Mini Projector Review

by Jane on July 9, 2016

Here we want to review and give our opinion on the Mileagea LED Mini Projector, as well as, correct at least one misunderstanding many people who are unfamiliar with projector specifications have about this model.

The misunderstanding: Understand this is a budget model, while we do believe it provides value at its price point the picture quality and features are not going to compare to models costing much more money. So to the misunderstanding, everyone wants high definition (HD) 1080p and 4K resolution.

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As people read over the specifications and/or the product description they will come across the words “1080p Full HD” (See at Amazon) this is not the native resolution of the Mileagea LED Mini Projector the native resolution is lower at 800 x 480. This is the actual resolution your content will play at.

Mileagea LED Projector Mini Portable Projector review

So why bother including the words “1080p Full HD“? It very well could be a marketing gimick. But just about all projectors under 1080p resolution are guilty of this. But there is actually a reason we just think it could be more clear.

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The mention of 1080p actually means it’s compatible with 1080p high definition resolution devices which you may want to connect to the projector. Say you buy this projector and have it at your home and you want to connect an external device like a blu-ray player to watch movies. This Mileagea LED model will be able to accept the content from the higher resolution blu-ray player but the content will be played down to the lower 800 x 480 resolution of the projector.

So why would anyone want to buy it?

What was mentioned above about the resolution isn’t a problem. The resolution level of this model (in 2016) is what can be expected for a projector in this price range. We only mentioned this to help some people who might be thinking they are buying a 1080p resolution projector.

This video gives a good look on the image/picture quality of the Mileagea LED Mini Projector:

For a budget model we are highly impressed with the picture quality it is able to put out.

Other things to know about the model

The option to add WIFI exists which allows easy connection to mobile devices. This does require a little extra cost compared to the cheapest option.

Brightness: Rated at 120 lumens which will seem very low compared to many other projectors. However, this model runs on a LED light source and LED’s are much brighter than perceived lumen ratings. Although we will say for best picture quality you will want to view this model in a dimly lite room.

Big screen: This model can produce up to a 130 inch screen image.

Native resolution: 800 x 480

Built-in Optical Keystone Correction making focusing the image easy

The inputs on this machine are good: HDMI/VGA/USB/AV/SD Card/IR. These are going to allow the owner to connect to just about any device. XBOX, Playstation, PC, Laptop, DVD, BlueRay etc.

Two built in speakers. If you don’t like the sound level from these speakers there is an audio out port which will allow you to connect and external audio source.

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The bottom line – Mileagea LED Mini Projector

As we said, this is a budget projector, for the price we do believe it holds value. At its price we would recommend it as a cheap option for home movies and gaming. We do not recommend this model for business or classroom presentations. In this price range one other projector we want to recommend is Crenova XPE460 LED Video Projector these are worth comparing.

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