Opinion: Epson 1771W and 1776W for Home Theater

by Jane on July 12, 2015

We received a question from a person looking for a the best home movie theater projector for under $1000. They specifically asked about the performance of the Epson 1771W and 1776W and whether or not these would be good choices for home theater.

The person asking the question also hinted they wanted a model with sufficient enough brightness to work in a well-lite room…

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No disrespect but we have to wonder

We have to wonder where this person got the idea that either the Epson 1771 or the 1776W were made for home theater? These were definitely not!

But we do understand buying the right projector to best serve your specific purpose can be difficult.

We are not claiming these two Epson models are not good. Rather, these two Epson models were designed specifically for the purpose of business and classroom presentations, they work especially good with PowerPoint.

They are good choices for presentations. But if you were to buy one of these models, for the function of home theater this would not be a good decision.

Neither of these Epson models are color or motion optimized to fit the purpose of home theater. The fans are also bit noisy.

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 Furthermore, Home theater and brightness

Have you ever been to a movie theater? Do they show the movie with the lights on? Are theaters built with windows, so curtains can be opened to let extra light in?

No, of course not.

If you want a good movie viewing experience, you need the right projector but you also need the right room (dark) environment. There’s a reason why the lights go off at the movie theater when the movie begins.

You can leave the lights on, if you are afraid of the dark. But no matter what, the image quality will always be reduced.

We have reviewed a lot of the best 1080p, high definition home theater projectors in 2015. One model that came out recently which we believe beats all the others on our 2015 list is the LG PF1500. We are highly impressed with this model it would be a mistake if you did not look at this.

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