Optoma EH320USTi interactive short throw projector

by Jane on October 6, 2015

Utility in small spaces!

Attending the June, 2015 InfoComm in Orlando, Florida, we saw exhibits of many new technologies from a wide range of categories, one of these impressive products was the Optoma EH320USTi interactive short throw projector. 

As of Oct 2015 orders are being fulfilled and shipped to customers. In case you were interested we wanted to include our thoughts on this interactive short throw model for business and classroom settings.

Optoma EH320USTi DLP Short-throw interactive projector review

Stay in control of your presentation

Interactive – Did you see the part in the video above when the guy was able to write on and mark-up the screen, with only his finger? This function doesn’t require a special pen, it can be conveniently carried out by using only your finger(s). This is the next generation of TouchBeam finger-touch interactive technology. The presentation of it at the InfoComm convention and how easily it works was somewhat impressive.

There’s so many advantages to being able to use this technology in classroom lectures, also in business presentations when going over financial statements or whatever you need to make clear to your minions.

Imagine how much better this interactive feature will allow you to reach your audience. How much clarity it will allow you to provide when needed.

Short Throw – If you are unfamiliar with this functions. Basically, projectors like the Optoma EH320USTi will allow you to project a 100-inch screen image by setting the projector only a foot or inches away from the screen.

There are many advantages to having a short throw projector:

  • Eliminates the shadows of the room environment
  • Eliminates the shadows  that would be caused by people sitting in front of or walking in front of. We all experience that one big head poking in front of the light source.
  • Eliminates the beam of light from the projector being shined in the eyes of the presenter and the audience
  • Great for small rooms and tight spaces.

Made for classroom and business

Yes, this model with its 1080p high definition and high contrast can potentially double as a home movie projector but it’s not specific made for viewing movies.

Would Not Recommend: Buying the Optoma EH320USTi as a dedicated home theater model. Yes, it could do decent job! However, this is not the cheapest model. If you are looking for a dedicated home movie model there are much better and cheaper 1080p high definition options built to serve this purpose.

With that out of the way

Would Recommend: To anyone wanting to buy a top-notch interactive presentation projector with short-throw lens. For the purpose of presentations, this model provides extreme versatility and flexibility to the user.

The features and quality of this model are impressive. After seeing it in action at the Optoma Technology booth at InfoComm 2015, there’s not a whole lot of negatives we can say about the Optoma EH320USTi.

One thing: While we do fancy this model, we wish it was a little lower in price. However, it’s very common for projectors to initially hit the market a bit overpriced. Then decrease in price after 6 months to a year. Not saying it’s not worth the current price but yeah we wish it was a bit less expensive.

Interactive and Short-throw, other features? 

So far, we have concentrated on the interactive and short-throw lens features of this model but there’s a boat load of other technologies built into it also worth mentioning:

  • 1080p high definition resolution
  • 4000 lumen – brightness is definitely not a problem, even with the room lights on
  • Networking and control – (AMX Compatibility, LAN Control, RS232 commands)
  • Remote mouse
  • 3D ready
  • Integrated speakers – 16W audio
  • HDMI ports x2
  • Energy saving and quick resume
  • TouchBeam Interactive
  • Short Throw lens

The Bottom Line

The above is a review Optoma EH320USTi projector before it shipped to the first customer. We are confident that who buys it first will be completely satisfied with their purchase.

But what we will say, we wrote this in Oct of 2015, 6-months or a yer from now we believe the price on this model will drop. So if you have the time to wait, you may want to come back to it and check out the potentially reduced price after it has been on the market for a while.

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