Optoma HD141X 1080p Projector Review

by Jane on January 12, 2015

Optoma HD141X 1080p reviewThe Optoma HD141X projector is a budget home entertainment projector. Don’t let the term “budget” fool you into thinking this is a low quality model. Optoma has hit the mark with this model, it’s currently one of the hottest selling and most popular models on the market in 2015.

The HD141X is ideal for a person who wants a 1080p high definition projector that can handle: Movies, gaming, sports and HDTV at a price of $600. In our opinion, this is the absolute best choice in 2015 at the $600 price point.

Below is a video showing the image quality on a 300 inch screen. After the video read along with our review to learn what we think are the strengths and weaknesses of the Optoma HD141X projector.


Quality and Performance: Sum of many parts

We need to bring the chart below to your attention:

Optoma HD141X Full 3D 1080p review

Comparing Home Theater Projectors

Taking a glance at the chart above comparing: Price, resolution, image contrast ratio and brightness. The comparison looks favorable for the Optoma HD141X.

However, the true quality and performance a projector provides can’t be measured based on: Price, resolution, contrast and brightness alone.

True quality and performance are the sum of many attributes and also design and integration into a model.

Although we feel the HD141X model provides a lot of value at a price of $600, we needed to address the comparison chart above in case you’re a person who has been comparing this Optoma home theater model to any of the other models included in the chart above.

Maybe you can afford to spend a little extra money? If so, the Optoma HD25-LV, BenQ W1070 and the BenQ HT1075 are a step up in quality. If we had to choose the best listed on the chart we would go with the BenQ HT1075.

Discussing the Optoma HD141X projector

From the chart above you already know the specifications of resolution (1080p), contrast (20,000:1) and brightness (3000 lumens).  But other information can we give in this review? Find out below the picture.

Home theater projector $600

Slickness for $600

What’s it made for? If you happen to have little working knowledge of projectors. There are all sorts of projectors designed for specific uses. Some are designed for business and classroom presentations, others are dedicated to viewing movies, some are best for gaming. Other are made so small they fit in your pocket allowing you to take them anywhere.

What is the HD141X made for? Movies, gaming, sports and HDTV. It has the ability to produce a 300-inch diagonal screen in high definition but it’s also fast (144Hz rapid refresh rate) enough to handle fast moving games and sports without the annoying pauses slower projectors produce.

HDMI connectivity? HDMI stands for – high definition multimedia interface this is what allows you to connect all your high tech gadgets (Blu-Ray, DVD, Satellite, laptop, etc, etc). If you are wanting to buy a home entertainment model this probably means you will also want to connect external gadgets to it.

The very nice thing about this model is it has two HDMI ports. Many models will only provide you with one port. This is convenient, it allows two external high definition devices to be hooked up at the same time.

cheap projector with two HDMI ports

Not ONE but TWO HDMI ports!

MHL compatibility (Mobile High-Definition Link technology) – shown in the image above the MHL technology is built into the HDMI 1 port.

The MHL technology built into the Optoma HD141X projector gives you the ability to connect to all your mobile devices. For example, the MHL capability will allow you to stream tv shows and movies from your smartphone in high definition.  It will allow you to stream music, play mobile games. It will even allow you to use your smart phone as a remote control.

Is 3D included? I am not a big fan of 3D so I will keep this short. Yes, the Optoma HD141X has 3D capabilities.

What about audio? The projector comes with built in 10-watt audio. The message put out by marketers says it’s “powerful audio”.  That’s a big stretch calling it powerful audio. But even the majority of higher end projectors only have 10-watt audio.

10-watt is good enough for sound while watching a movie. But, definitely can be improved on. As already stated, this projector has two HDMI ports, if you are big on audio you can use one of these ports to hook up an external audio source!

Conclusion – Is it a good buy?

Optoma HD141X 1080p reviewIf you only have $600 to spend on a home theater projector the  Optoma HD141X in 2015 is an excellent choice. If you can scratch -up $150-200 more then we recommend taking a look at the following models: Optoma HD25-LV, BenQ W1070 and the BenQ HT1075.

But yes, for the price we do believe this is one of the best possible home entertainment choices in 2015.

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