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by Jane on November 30, 2014

Quality 1080p HD for under $700?

Brief overview of the model:

The good news for consumers is the intense competition currently taking place among projector companies to win the market for “inexpensive 1080p HD resolution home entertainment projectors”.  Their goal is to win the market sector by offering the consumer the best 1080p projector for $1000 and less. A great result of this competition can be seen in the August of 2014 release of the Optoma HD26 model. The price and quality provided by this model has definitely stirred-up the pot.

Best for: Movies, TV, live sports and gaming on a huge screen in HD 1080p resolution. All for under $700. If this describes what you want then this model then there’s currently (2014 and probably through 2015) no better option.

The following short video reviews and sums up the main features of this Optoma home entertainment projector:

If you need more detailed information than what the video provided, below we have reviewed what we see as the most important and impressive features provided by this model.  

Let’s make it clear before you read any further. Although the model does provide high value at its price point, by no means is it perfect, there are certain limitations. If you need to learn about the limitations we have written a summery here.

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Optoma HD26 review

Digital Home Theater Experience Surprisingly Cheap

Below is where we go into what we believe are the best features of the Optoma HD26 home entertainment projector.

7 best features and reasons to own

Adjustable image settings – This probably never crosses most people’s minds but is very important to understand. Most inexpensive projectors do not allow the user to adjust properties of the picture (contrast levels, color, sharpness, etc). The manufacturer’s default settings are locked in.

Why is this so important? These locked-in default settings are tested and decided on by the manufacture. However, the room(s) you will view your projector in more than likely will not have the same variables (e.g. amount of light, screen size, viewing distant) and this will effect the image quality. And not in a positive way.

The Optoma HD26 home movie projector provides the ability to adjust the picture settings to best fit the different variables of

This may not be the most exciting feature to think about but there it is  the

Full 3D Capability – From Blu-ray players to the newest gaming consoles the HDMI 1.4 port located on the back of the Optoma HD26 allows true 3D content to be displayed from just about any source.

Furthermore, if you have experienced annoying pauses while gaming or watching movies in 3D then you should also know this model has a fast 144 Hz refresh rate which provides smooth viewing free from those annoying pauses.

What glasses will you need? Standard DLP Link glasses work. The projector does not include glasses when you buy it. But Standard DLP Link glasses are high available and not too expensive, you should be able to pick up a good pair for around $50.

Maybe you don’t like viewing in 3D but some movies and games at native 3D. This projector allows you to go backwards and convert 3D content in to 2Dcontent.

Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) – Not only is the Optoma 26 HD an inexpensive 1080p resolution home entertainment projector but it’s also aimed at providing portability to the user.

Two HDMI ports are located on the back. One of these is the MHL port which makes portability possible. Allowing you to link to and play content from mobile devices (phone, tablet, laptop). Also, allows connection to internet streaming devices (i.e. Roku Stick and Chromecast) the MHL also allows streaming from Netflix but this feature does require a cable.

Long Lamp Life Projector The 190W P-VIP is the lamp model used in the Optoma 26 HD. This lamp is rated to last 5000 hours when the projector is used at full power and 6500 hours when used on the eco-mode.

Fast Enough For Gaming – While not specifically built for gaming the Optoma 26HD is definitely a fast projector. The model has a 144 Hz refresh rate and a 33 millisecond input lag. This is fast enough to satisfy the needs of most gamers on the planet. This speed also benefits viewing 3D content, live sporting events and fast moving action movies.

Fan Noise  Fan Noise – Planing to run the 26HD in a smaller room? Concerned if the noise level from the fan will be too much? While we do not have the exact specifications on the decibel output what we can say this projector is rather quiet and also beats the current competition at this price point in the noise level category.

Anamorphic lens Since the following feature only benefits a select few we won’t go into detail.  We say this because anamorphic lenses are very expensive (more than 5 times the cost of the Optoma 26HD projector). If you don’t already own an anamorphic lens, it’s hard to imagine you will buy an inexpensive projector and then go out and buy a $3000+ lens.

For those who already own an anamorphic lens and are interested in finding an inexpensive projector to go with it.  Without going into detail we want to bring your attention to the 26HD model as an option that’s compatible with this type of lens.


The Optoma HD26 is an inexpensive 1080p home entertainment projector which supplies a great picture and is a superb value at its current asking price of under $700. It handles movies and gaming extremely well and also provides great viewing for live sporting events.

Should you buy this model? If your goal is to being the best possible high definition home entertainment projector into home on a small budget then the HD26 model in 2014 and probably through much of 2015 is the best option.

Still unsure if this is the best buy for you? Read about the limitations this model has.

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