Optoma HD28DSE 1080p home movie projector review

by Jane on November 4, 2015

If you are afraid of the dark

The first thing we noticed about the Optoma HD28DSE 1080p home movie projector is how well its 3000 lumens of brightness handle ambient light. No need to turn off the lights or draw the shades, the image shows up strong but even better with the lights off.

The second thing we noticed left us scratching our head for a bit. We needed to browse the manual to learn about adjusting the image settings. This projector comes with a new technology called DarbeeVision. This is an image enhancing technology meant to increase the overall detail and depth of the image. Reading over the manual we learned DarbeeVision was turned on at 80%. This option can be turned off completely or the intensity adjusted between 0% – 120%.


Optoma HD28DSE projector review

Opinion on image enhancing technology

The Optoma DarbeeVision. As we said, out of the box the manufacture sets this technology “ON” at 80%. I guess they want to make sure you at least see it once. We were a little shocked when we first saw the image quality produced by this technology. Not in a good way either, we thought we may have received a defective product. The sharpness and contrast were overwhelming to our eyes.

Most movies loves will definitely want to turn it off. After fiddling with the settings for a few more minutes we finally got the Darbee turned “OFF”.

Once the adjustments were made to the settings, while it has certain limitations, overall we were impressed with the quality of the picture produced by this entry level 1080p HD home movie projector. It’s deserving to be listed with the top models at this price range.

See price and also reviews from other customers


One last thing about DarbeeVision. As we said, we initially turned it “OFF” then since the intensity can be adjusted from 0% – 120% we went back to and experimented with the settings.

We didn’t enjoy view the 80% factory setting (way too intense!) but as we reduced the percent into the range of 20-25%, we felt it did add some crispness and sharpness to the movies we viewed.

However, we do think, the choice of  “ON”, “OFF” or at what percent will ultimately be a very individual-specific choice. There may be some who even enjoy it set at 80% or even higher setting, some may find a lower setting gives them the best viewing experience and others may want it turned off completely.

Although, we never tried it for this purpose we do wonder if DarbeeVision would make the Optoma HD28DSE projector a unique and useful choice for presenting artwork or even in science presentations, like cell biology where high levels of sharpness and contrast can be important.


The Bottom Line

We do like this new Optoma 1080p projector introduced in the late summer of 2015. The black levels are at least equally to other HD projectors in the under $1000 price range, we notice little to none rainbow effect, the colors are also well balanced. The pixelation, from corner to corner is very consistent, we didn’t notice any bleeding edges.

It’s not perfect but if you are looking to spend less than $1000 for an entry level 1080p HD option this is a very good choice in 2015-2016. There are other top choices in this category or price range, we wrote about and recommended these before the Optoma HD28DSE 1080p projector hit the market.

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Virtual server November 9, 2016 at 1:44 am

Optoma has a knack for making attractive projectors, and the HD28DSE continues the trend. Its cool all-white exterior and bold combination of angles and curves give it plenty of coffee table appeal.


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