Optoma HD37 1080p Home Theater Projector Review

by Jane on November 11, 2015

The Optoma HD37 Home Theater Projector was released in late Spring of 2015. Since we had previously reviewed the older Optoma HD25-LV and HD26 models we were interested in learning more and testing the performance of this new HD37 model.

This is a 1080p home theater projector with a price around $1000. There’s a lot of competition in this segment of the market. Before going into specifics, we will briefly say, compared to the competition, it outperforms in some areas, while under performs in other areas.

So what we want to do here is discuss the strengths and weaknesses and best match it to specific needs some buyers may have.


Optoma HD37 Home Projector Review

Breaking no boundaries

What we mean by, “Breaking no boundaries”, even though this is one of the newest 1080p home movie projectors in 2015 at the around $1000 price point it doesn’t provide any new technological breakthroughs in performance.

In fact, for the past few years, no model released by any company at this price point has provided any breakthroughs in performance. But this doesn’t mean all models are the same or equal.

These models mainly differentiate based on features provided. One model may offer features A, B, and C. Another may offer A, B, and D.


Buying based on needs

Which needs does the Optoma HD37 Projector best fulfill? Of course it can do movies, stream content and TV. It also has a mobile high-definition link (MHL) allowing you to connect your smartphone ad tablet or other mobile devices to the big screen.

In these areas it holds its own against the competition but where does it really stand-out in the crowd? If you’re a gamer looking for a projector in the around $1000 range, especially if you tend to play first person shooter (FPS) games the core video processing of this model does an excellent job at reducing and making lag a non-issue.

So if you are a gamer and smooth motion is highly important this model is very worthy of consideration!


Other highlights and conveniences

Since some of the competing 1080p HD projectors at this price range lack it, maybe the most noteworthy convenience to mention is the vertical lens shift found on this model. This provides a higher degree of flexibility projector placement and/or installation and also saves time and possibly aggravation.

Other highlights, as seen below but not limited to, include: MHL, Dynamic black, Full 3D and of course Full HD 1080p resolution.

Optoma HD37 review

Viewing experience rated

We rated it for game play as excellent but the truth is most people who will be interested in the Optoma HD37 Projector are more curious to learn opinions on how well it rates as a home movie projector, spefically in areas of picture quality and viewing experience.

Based on image quality and home movie viewing experience versus price this model does provide a high amount of value.

The model provides a high contrast ratio (20,000:1) this is great but what we did notice, the contrast of this model seems to be very sensitive to higher levels of ambient light. The best experience will be with the lights off and with the shades drawn if used during the day time.

How does it handles colors? Its ability to handle skin tones and natural colors (sky, ocean, leaves, grass) is in the acceptable range. Its ability to handle neutral colors (grays) we rate as good to excellent. The overall color balance of this model is an area where it outperforms the majority of the competition.


Any issues to speak of

Of course it could do certain things better which can be said for virtually any model. We tested it with movies on both DVD and Blu-Ray. We thought the overall performance with Blu-ray discs was superior to DVD.

Fan noise – You know, this is always a common compliant or question with just about any model you look into. Different people have different levels of hearing sensitivity. One person will tell you it’s extremely quiet another will tell you it’s loud as all HELL!

This is only our opinion from our experience. When the speaker volume is set to a decent audible level was not at all a distraction when viewing a movie sitting five feet away. When volume levels were set very low, fan noise was a bit of a distraction when sitting five feet away.

If you do plan on playing lower volumes, from our experience and hearing sensitivity, you will probably want to be able to sit around 10 feet away from the unit to avoid any noise distraction.

The Bottom Line 

We would definitely recommend this model to gamers who are wanting to buy a 1080p projector for around a $1000 which can also handle movies very well.

For picture quality when viewing movies, the Optoma HD37 Projector does hold its own compared to the major competitors at this price range. Some perform better in ambient light. If you will be mainly using your projector in dark or dimly lite rooms then ambient light is a non-issue.

Besides gaming another strength of this projector is it handles colors very well for movie viewing. Overall, this new projector in 2015 is worth considering at this price range.

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