iRulu BL20 1080P HD 3D Projector Review

October 3, 2016

Interested in maybe buying the iRulu BL20 1080P HD 3D Projector? But unsure how to judge the quality? Is it worth the money? Is this the best option After putting it through a series of tests, we will cover what we learned about the model in the following review. For people buying a projector for […]

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Brightness in a well lit room – Epson 1040 Home Cinema Projector

September 18, 2016

Why Epson projectors have brighter colors If you want a bright projector then you need to compare the Lumens ratings of your different options. For example, reading the product description or specifications for the Epson 1040 Home Cinema projector you will find a rating of 3000 Lumens for white brightness and 3000 Lumens for color […]

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3LCD vs single chip DLP – colors and Epson 1040 Home cinema projector

September 17, 2016

We write complete reviews but we also receive questions pertaining to individual attributes of specific projector models. Today, we will response to a question asked on the color display of the Epson 1040 home cinema projector and provide you with our thoughts on how it compares in color display with other projectors at its current price […]

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Image quality and resolution of Epson Home Cinema 1040 projector

September 17, 2016

We receive many individual questions about projectors. The following is our answer to a question we received about the image resolution on the Epson Home Cinema 1040 projector. Is it high definition resolution and how would you rate the image quality? Image resolution is a very important property but there are also other attributes which […]

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Optoma HD142X movie projector – bright enough for the daytime

September 11, 2016

Just want to pass along the answer to a question we were asked about the Optoma HD142X home theater projector. A person was wondering how bright this model was and if it would be a good choice to use during the daytime. How much the sunlight coming in from the windows and room lights would […]

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Picture quality and resolution – Optoma HD142X projector reviewed

September 10, 2016

We have been asked more than a few times for our opinion on the picture quality and resolution of the Optoma HD142X Home Movie Projector. To answer this question we will begin with the level of resolution provided. This refers to the number of pixels used to produce the image. The more pixels, the more […]

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ELEGIANT LED portable mini projector is it 1080p HD

September 8, 2016

Is the ELEGIANT LED portable mini projector high definition (HD) 1080P resolution? This is not a full review, we don’t own the model and the model has received high ratings from the customers who bought. However, we do want to address what pisses us off about how some (most) cheap projectors are marketed online. Resolution […]

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Affordable Optoma HD142 1080p projector reviewed and compared

September 2, 2016

For those looking to buy an affordable 1080p resolution home movie projector in 2016, a new model you will want to be aware of is the Optoma HD142X projector released this past July (2016). Before July, if you were to have asked for a recommendation on an inexpensive 1080p home movie model it’s very likely the Optoma […]

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Can you plug the iPad into the Ivation Portable Projector

August 26, 2016

Question: Is it possible to plug the an iPad into the Ivation Portable Projector? Is it compatible, will it work? This question was asked by a teacher who was interested in buying a small portable projector to use in her classroom for PowerPoint presentations. The simple answer is Yes. Looking at the input and output ports of the […]

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How big of an image can the Crenova XPE650 produce?

August 21, 2016

Question asked: A person wanted to know the screen/image size the Crenova XPE650 projector was capable of producing. We emailed the following answer back to this person and also decided to share are views here. For the best quality image, the manufacturer recommends using this projector to produce an 80-inch screen image. This can be […]

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