Picture quality and resolution – Optoma HD142X projector reviewed

by Jane on September 10, 2016

We have been asked more than a few times for our opinion on the picture quality and resolution of the Optoma HD142X Home Movie Projector.

To answer this question we will begin with the level of resolution provided. This refers to the number of pixels used to produce the image. The more pixels, the more detailed the image will be.

The resolution level of the Optoma HD142X is 1080p. This is a very good level. The next highest resolution (or pixels) is found in projectors with 4K resolution. Currently (2016) to buy a 4K projector, well, we don’t want to say but you can take a look at the price of the Sony VPLVW1100ES 4K at Amazon.

Was the price for the Sony VPLVW1100ES 4K out of your budget? We won’t be buying it any time soon either.

Buying high definition on a budget

For all purposes, the 1080p resolution provided by the Optoma HD142X is still considered high definition in 2016. If you are looking for a projector capable of producing highly detailed images for home movies, gaming or maybe even presentations a 1080p projector is still an excellent choice.

Maybe not as expensive as the 4K example we gave above but the selection of 1080p models on the market still includes many pricey models.

If you are a person on a budget the Optoma HD142X could be a solution for your wallet. See how it compares to other options

More about picture quality

Resolution discussed above is a major factor in overall picture quality but not the only factor. Other properties to consider:

  • colors
  • contrast
  • brightness

HD142X – Colors

This projector runs on DLP technology. It produces decent colors but DLP is an older technology. In our opinion, I most people would agree, projectors running on LCD technology produce better colors.

Epson is the master of LCD

Optoma HD142X projector review

Contrast and picture quality

If you are unclear about what contrast is and why it is important to picture quality? Basically, think of how, “black and white” or darker colors vs. lighter colors, how they appear next to one another in images.

With high contrast, very deep darks would be produced which would make the lighter colors “POP”! This definitely is a quality you want for the best home movie viewing experience.

Contrast, for projectors is measure in a value called, contrast ratio, the Optoma HD142X has a contrast ratio of 23,000:1. This means next to “white”, “black” appears 23,000 times darker.

This is a very good ratio to have and compares well to many much more expensive models.

Does brightness matter

Lumens are the unit of measurement for brightness. The Optoma HD142 is rated at 3000 ANSI lumen.

This is a very good brightness rating.

A brighter projector isn’t going to necessarily improve the overall image quality but there are some advantages it can provide.

The major advantage this amount of brightness provides would be for a person who wants high definition (1080p resolution) during the day when the sunlight is coming in the windows or even at night when the room lights are on.

Summing it up – overall picture quality

There are some strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the overall picture quality provided by the Optoma HD142X Home Theater Projector.

Due to running on DLP technology, compared to models running on LCD the colors will be slightly inferior.

But, on the other hand it provides high definition resolution 1080p, and also excellent contrast and brightness. How much $$$ do you want to spend? If you are looking to buy a 1080p on a budget the Optoma HD142X should be one one your list to consider.

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Nina April 20, 2017 at 8:15 am

Hi. Currently on the search for my first projector. Mostly for movies and also watching gaming streams. Not gaming itself so much. We don’t have proper blinds in the room, so an okay picture during daytime (with curtains) is important. I do tend to buy the HD142X, but I could see the DH1009 has almost the same specs and can currently find it for 50 bucks less. Which still makes a lot of difference to me. The 1009 is not specifically a home cinema projector, more for business and presentations, but seeing it has 3200 lumen and also good contrast as well as 1080p, would you say it is worth buying the 1009? Or should I rather spent 50 more? And if so, why? Thank you :)


Jane April 20, 2017 at 12:54 pm

Hi Nina, if you can find the Optoma DH1009 for a cheaper price then I would choose this projector over the Optoma HD142X (Where are you finding this price?) Where I look online I see the DH1009 is between $250 and $300 more than the HD142X. Buy the 1009 if you can get it a good price for it. It is a brighter projector, plus all the other specs you listed in your comment. Should work better in the specific room environment you described.


Nina April 20, 2017 at 1:59 pm

Thanks for the reply Jane. Well I am in the UK. Can get it for 379£ instead of 449£ for the 142X. So should be around 50$ difference :)
I thought it looked better for the specs as its brighter. And for a cheaper price as well. Can’t wait to get it


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