Portable LCD Projectors

by Jane on April 6, 2015

Portable LCD Projectors

If you’re not tech savvy and currently trying to decide which portable projector model will work best for you, if you have looked at some of the models currently available you should have noticed the acronyms LCD, DLP and LCOS. These represent different technologies, every model on the market uses one of these technologies.

LCD vs. DLP vs. LCOS  – each of these technologies have certain advantages and disadvantages. The purpose of this review is to inform you on which technology is best suited for the portable projector class and why. We also have a few specific models we recommend.

Advantages of LCD portable projectors 

Why do you want to buy a portable projector? Your planning to use the device in many different places? If so, then what you need to consider is all the different places/rooms will have different amounts of ambient light. Depending on the circumstances, you may or may not have control of reducing the amount of ambient light (turning the lights off, pulling the shades, etc, etc) as you would inside your home.

High levels of ambient light can completely overpower and drown out the images produced by a projector. So in our opinion, when buying a portable projector, it’s important to be aware of the level of brightness (lumens) it will provide.

One of the main advantages LCD projectors have over the other technologies (DLP and LCOS) is they produce significantly higher lumen (brightness) outputs. DLP technology come in a close second, LCOS is a distant third. At least presently in 2015.

Other DLP advantages include:

  • Higher color saturation
  • Sharper, less fuzzy images

Recommended LCD Projector models

Epson VS230 projector

We have previously reviewed this model, here. In general, this model is a very good choice for the price. It has a high level of brightness and is available in two different resolution levels, XGA resolution ($330) and the higher resolution SVGA ($400).  Epson is a trusted company and markets the VS230 as a business projector, it does handle PowerPoint presentations very well.

best LCD portable projectors


Looking for a cheap gaming or movie projector? Even though Epson built the VS230 and markets it as a business projector many people have given it a very positive review for how it handles games and movies. We have only used it for presentations. If you need more information on this model, over at Amazon there are over 300 customer reviews and more than 100 questions answered. You should be able to find the information you need.

Epson PowerLite 1751 Ultra Lightweight 3LCD Projector

This is another Epson model and a bit more expense then the one listed above. The PowerLite 1751 is lightweight (3.7 lbs.) and as thin as many laptops. HDMI connectivity, XGA resolution USB Plug ‘n Play compatible with Windows and Mac and a host of other features. The lamp life is 5000 hours.

Price: $550

Portablr LCD projector reviews

We have yet to write our a review in the Epson 1761 model. Overall this model has received a grade 4.6 out of 5 stars from Amazon users and you can also find a number of well written reviews (over 33 last time we checked) and a section with a bunch of questions answered at the Amazon website.

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