PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 model reviewed

by Jane on October 26, 2014

The following is a review of  Epson’s PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 model. The model is extremely popular and highly recommended and rated by home theater enthusiasts. If you’re looking to spend under $1000 this could be the right choice for you.

However, before you go ahead and buy this model, if you want to make the right choice then you need to look at the “good and bad points” in the following review.

Learn the the good and bad from customers at Amazon

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 review

High Definition 1080p for the Home. Yes, it does have Zoom!

Start with the bad – Nothing is perfect 

The perfect product does not exist, one which provides 100% customer satisfaction across the board. Numerous reasons for this exist, too many reasons to list. It could be the customers expectations were too high or maybe, the unit a specific customer received had a defect. There are many reasons for dissatisfied customers.

While the vast majority of customer reviews and ratings of the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 home theater projector are positive, here we want to mention what some buyers have complained about.

Learn the the good and bad from customers at Amazon

  • The top complaint is on bulb life. The product description claims the bulb has 4,000 hours of life. Some customers have said the bulb didn’t even last 1000 hours.

The solution the company provided was to send these customers new bulbs. Epson claims the problem was caused by a bad batch of bulbs. This type of complaint is somewhat common with projectors manufactured by other companies as well.

If you are intent on buying this model and you need something great for gaming and movies. Just watch the video and shut up.

  • Display of “Auto-Iris error” not as common but still has been mentioned. This error occurs when the projector is turned on. Switching it off then back on usually solves the problem. But still annoying. We have seen similar complaints with many other brands of projectors.
  •   The least common complaint heard is the fan not working.

Lastly, this isn’t an actual compliant but if you are wanting to buy a projector with 3D then the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 model is not the right choice for you since it doesn’t have 3D.

Ending with the Good

This quality better be an excellent experience

Why are you looking for information on the Epson PowerLite 8350, a 1080p high-definition, high resolution projector? The most common sense assumption is you want a high-definition, home theater experience. Right?

If you need crystal clear images with a high level of sharpness.

There’s a lot of built-in technology for enhanced images (D7 chip, C2Fine and 3LCD, 3-chip technologies). Not to be long winded and go into the specifics of what each of these technologies provides, instead let’s keep it simple.

The resolution of the images produced by this Epson model are unsurpassed in its class. When we say “class”, we mean, price. You may find a model with equal image producing capabilities in this price range but you will be very hard pressed to find anything better. In fact, we believe the images produced by the PowerLite 8350 are just as good, if not better than many projectors priced at $300 – 500 more.

Learn the the good and bad from customers at Amazon

Making colors dark and light

Besides high resolution, what else do you need for the perfect home cinema experience? You need high contrast of course. Think about it. High contrast makes dark colors very dark and lighter colors very light. Just as they appear in nature. The Epson PowerLite 8350 projector has a whopping 50,000:1 contrast ratio.

This ratio means, the darkest color on the screen will appear 50,000 times darker than the lightest color on the screen. If you want life-like colors in your home this is what you need.

What else can be said to make you buy it

LOL, you should read as many reviews as it takes so you feel comfortable with what you are spending your money on.

Many of the complaints which were listed at the beginning of the review on the Epson PowerLite 8350 are also commonly found in projectors manufactured by other companies.

When reading complaints we do truly believe the complaints.  But we also believe, no matter what you are buying, defects occur in a certain percent of every product which is mass produced.

Of course you should look around and learn what’s the best buy for you. But when you read complaints, all projectors have unsatisfied customers. Consider who is more likely to take the time to leave a review. A person who is happy with their purchase or a person who is mad as hell?

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