Projector Reviews And Information – Summer 2015

by Jane on August 30, 2015

If you are currently searching for information on the right projector to buy for your home or business or just interested in learning what’s out there in the Summer of 2015. Below you will find information home theater, mini and business models and what’s the best to buy for the money.

Special Notice: For the past two or so years the Sony VPLHW 40ES and Epson 5030 have widely been accepted as the two best home movie projectors you could buy for under $3000. For a very long time the prices sat at $2500 for the Sony and around $2300 for the Epson.

We have heard countless number of people say, as soon the price for either of these drops under $2000 they will be picking one up, now is their chance. Amazon and other online vendors currently have discounted the prices for both these to under $2000.

These discounted prices could mean a new model(s) with upgraded capabilities is about to hit the market in the fall of 2015. Whatever the case might be, we have no doubt you will be amazed by the home movie experience provided by both the Sony VPLHW 40ES and Epson 5030.

Which one of these models do we prefer? See our side-by-side comparison.

If price is your main concern, see our best options at different price points:

  • Our top 5 picks for 1080p high definition home movie projectors for under $1000, in 2015.
  • A list of the best options for your home for under $500.
  • On a budget? Looking to spend under $300? See what’s available, from home movie to business to mini projectors.

2015 Mini Projector Reviews

Quite a few new mini or pico projectors that we like have hit the market in 2015. See the three different reviews below. We were particularly impressed by the “infinite focus” feature of the Celluon PicoPro.

If you are a gamer you may like these prices

If you are looking to buy a model to dedicate to your gaming addiction here are the top choices for under $1000.

New posts in the month of August 2015

A list of everything we have talked about this month.

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Upfront costs of this Sony laser projector may be higher, but long term savings especially when it comes to not having to change lamps, should make the Sony’s value proposition seem very reasonable, and it’s convenience, superior.


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