Replacing a TV with a Projector – $1000 – 2000

by Jane on September 14, 2015

Question: A guy wanting to replace his Sony 48-inch flat screen with a projector.He’s willing to spend between $1000-2000 on the new projector. He’s been recommend Epson 3020 and 4030 models. Are these the best models in the $1000 – 2000 price range?

He never owned a home movie projector, was wondering how ambient (room) light will effect the screen image and the correct aspect ratio (1:1, 4:3, 16:9).


Answer: Three parts to his question: Effects of ambient light, best aspect ratio, what projector Epson 3020 Vs. 4030 models.

Effects of Ambient light – Yes, compared to a flat screen TV, ambient light will have a greater effect on images produced by a projector. However, unless you have the sun shining brightly in your room, the Epson 3020 and 4030 models shouldn’t be greatly effected by normal ambient light.

Aspect Ratio – What’s the best screen ratio for home movie projectors? The 16:9 ratio is definitely the best for home entertainment purposes whether its for movies, TV or gaming. The 4:3 screen ratio is most often used for business and classroom presentation.

Is there anything special you need to do to have a 16:9 screen ratio? You will need to read the product descriptions of the different models. Home movie projectors should offer the 16:9 screen ratio.

Epson 3020 Vs. 4030 – Which is the best? These are both good models but Epson 4030 wins but also costs about $800 more.

However for the price, the Epson 4030 is not the best model.  If you want the best home movie model in the $2000 and under price range, what you need to look at are the Sony VPLHW 40ES and Epson 5030.

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