Resolution of the Rif6 Cube Projector Explained

by Jane on March 16, 2016

What is the resolution of the RIF6 Cube?


This is a cool little projector that we reviewed back when it first hit the market in 2015. Since then we have been asked questions about the resolution of the Rif6 Cube projector. You can read more about the model in our review.

However, if your only concern is about the level of resolution we can answer that question here.

The native resolution of the Rif6 is WVGA (854×480).

This is definitely not the highest resolution available on the market but what needs to be taken into consideration is that this is a mini, pocket (whatever you want to call it) projector. At least so far in 2016, models in this category are not known for being high resolution.

With that said we need to also address a comment we had from a visitor. The visitor was under the assumption that the Rif6 Cube Projector was high definition (1080p). They said they read this in the product description.

Notice above we said,native resolution

This is where some people have a problem when buying a projector. And we don’t blame them, as the following can cause confusion if you are not completely familiar with the technical terms of this type of technology. But the following should help you understand:

There is a line in the Rif6 product description that reads, “Video Input up to Full HD 1080p”, what does this means? This means, if you have an external device, for example a Blu-Ray player that plays 1080p content you can connect it to the Rif6 projector and the projector will accept and project the content.

However, the content that is projected onto the screen will not be at the higher 1080p resolution of the Blu-Ray player, instead it will be played down to the WVGA (854×480) native resolution of the Rif6.

>>Read our overall review of this model<<<

If you like the idea of a projector shaped like a cube but would like to have a little higher resolution then you might want to check out another option.

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