Resolution Rating – ViewSonic PDJ5134 DLP Projector

by Jane on July 26, 2015

We recently received a question asking, how do we rate the resolution quality of the ViewSonic PDJ5134 DLP Projector? Is it good?

First, while this is not a high-definition model, we do rate the overall picture quality of this projector as very good, if not excellent for the price. In fact, we have this ViewSonic model rated as the overall best buy in the $400 plus a little change, price range.

See, our overall review, if you are interested in learning more about all the different features of this model.

If only interested in resolution

As we said, the PDJ5134 is not a 1080p high-definition model. Rather, it’s resolution level is SVGA (800×600). Not the highest but not terrible and there’s more to overall picture quality than only this one contributing factor.

When talking and measuring quality you also need to factor in contrast, sharpness and brightness (lumens). The PDJ5134 provides excellent brightness and contrast, the sharpness is also very good when compared to similarly priced models.

If you want high definition

Depending on when you are reading this the price of the PDJ5134 in 2015 can be found in the $400-450 price range. If you are willing to spend a little more you could probably pick-up a high-definition 1080p home movie projection for around $550 – 600.

 See our list of the best 1080p High-Definition Projectors in 2015

Special Note: Realize before you buy, when reading product descriptions of projectors, many times, you will read wording, a model being describes as compatible, able to handle or accept 1080p content.

For instance, a Blu-Ray player provides 1080p high definition content, many times you will read a lower resolution projector is able to connect to, accept and play content from a Blu-Ray player or other 1080p devices.

Yes, this is true, most lower resolution projector can connect to and play content from a Blu-Ray player.

Just be aware, the content will be projected at the lower resolution of the projector. To be sure you are buying a true high-definition projecto in 2015, the description should read, “Native 1080p resolution”, not wording like, able to accept, play or compatible with.

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