RIF6 Cube Projector connect to the PS4 – Gaming Console

by Jane on June 17, 2015

After we wrote our review of the new (2015) RIF6 Cube Projector it began to see an explosion in its popularity. So naturally people started to ask more and more questions. Can it do this, will it hook up to this???

One question we got was whether or not the RIF6 Cube will work with the PS4 (PlayStation 4)???

The very simple answer is YES it will. 

Why are we so sure this projector will work with the PS4? Because it has both a HDMI and a Micro-HDMI which are the ports that are needed in order to connect the PS4.

In fact, since it has a HDMI and Micro-HDMI port this projector is going to be able to be hooked up to most any gaming console or for that matter any mobile device, laptop or desktop which also has an HDMI.

The chart below explains the connectivity to different devices. Pay attention to the words in red. 

RIF6 Cube projector connections review

It’s very important to read the chart above very carefully so you understand it. If you are like me, you probably scanned it very quickly because I think I already know everything.

Don’t be like me.

Once we were asked, “Will the RIF6 Cube will work with the PS4 (PlayStation 4)?”, we realized we needed to the chart above and actually examine what it was saying.

As you may have noticed there’s no mention of PS4 or gaming consoles on the chart above.  But if you look at the very top left hand side where it reads, “MAC/PC with HDMI” this type of connectivity will also apply to the PS4.

Watch out for the words in red

On the bottom left, the connectivity chart reads, ” MAC/PC – No HDMI”. The great majority of these will have HDMI ports, if you happen to own one which doesn’t you can buy an adapter which will allow you to connect the RIF6 projector. These adapters usually run right away $50.

On the left, in the middle portion of the chart it reads, “IOS Devices”, these devices include: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV. Basically, Apple devices and technology.

These IOS devices are the mostly likely not to have HDMI connectivity.

If you are currently interested in buying the RIF6 cube projector but need a little more information on it before making your final decision, we have a review that will give you the information you need.

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