RIF6 Cube Projector – Speakers and Sound

by Jane on June 27, 2015

Since writing our original review on the RIF6 Cube projector we have received questions about certain features that we may have not thoroughly covered. One common question we have received is about this model speakers and audio.

Yes, there are internal speakers or I believe it’s actually one speaker inside.

A few people have expressed concern in their questions on whether or not the included speaker(s) will be able to produce a sufficient sound level to enjoy watching a movie or whatever other activity their choose to use the projector for.

RIF6 Cube audio and speakers

Speakers and Sound

The truth be told

You can research any projector model and read customer reviews. Whether it’s a mini projector like the RIF6 Cube or a traditional larger model.

Search owner reviews for more information

Chances are if you read through the comments of any model you will find speakers and audio levels are always talked about as being a weakness.

This is probably why most every projector we have ever seen has an audio out port allowing the user to connect an external audio source.

Now having an external audio source may be a little more challenging with a mobile projector that will will be taking with you and using in different environments.

There are a lot of great mobile audio sources that can be used with this model.

Overall, if you are sitting at home and have no other option but to use the internal speakers they are doable but we do recommend hooking up an external source to get a maximum viewing experience.

In 2015 the RIF6 cube is an innovative model and we do give it high marks for people looking for a mini mobile model.

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Bruce Daugherty December 24, 2015 at 7:07 pm

This 72year old just wants to know can I project from my dvd /VCR if it has an HDMI output ? Yes some of us still use them I also have a hand crank Victoria Don’t judge!


Jane December 24, 2015 at 7:38 pm

Hi Bruce, how are you? I don’t see why not if it has a HDMI.


Virtual server October 16, 2016 at 3:00 pm

Good audio is key to the outdoor movie experience. The CUBE has a built in speaker that would be nice if you were around a conference room table in a quiet room with five people. But it can t handle the sounds of a real movie outdoors.


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