RIF6 Cube Review

by Jane on June 15, 2015

Review of the Cube

In early 2015 our initial impression of the RIF6 Cube Mini Projector, “this is a very cutesy and tiny piece of technology in the shape of a cube. And nowadays, small sells.”.

But ultimately thought there was a great possibility the manufacturer’s intent was to make this model look as enticing as possible from the outside in order to make sales.

We held high reservations on whether or not it would function internally at a high enough level to be considered a quality mini projector. With that said, we ignored this model for months, thinking it be soon be discovered the technology inside wasn’t worth the money.

Boy, were we wrong

A couple months later we bumped into the RIF6 Cube on Amazon and noticed it’s popularity had soared and was receiving excellent customer reviews and ratings.

Read user reviews and see price at Amazon.

We also noticed the price had dropped from when it first hit the market. Seeing the number of people giving this little model such high rating and the lower price enticed us enough to buy the model for ourselves to test and write a review.

RIF^ Cube review

Our RIF6 Cube Review

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The coolest thing we did with this projector. Do you like to read? Do you maybe own a kindle? Well, the first night we set this projector up we got the smart idea of connecting it to our kindle.

We projector the screen to above the bed on the ceiling and were able to read our book on a 120-inch screen. And we flipped the pages on the kindle as we normal do and it worked without a hitch.

So, if you like reading in bed before you fall asleep give this a try.

Is it worth your money?

If you are currently interested in buying a mini projector in 2015 there are decent models available. But how much are you willing to spend? 

If your current budget is in the under $300 price range the RIF6 Cube projector is definitely on of the top choices here. And we will tell you why.

  • The picture provides great clarity and great color output
  • Capable of producing a screen image of 120-inches. So may tell you it is capable of producing a 140-inch image. While it can we feel the picture quality starts to degrade a bit at this image size.
  • You will find it surprisingly bright. The image is strong enough to use in rooms with low levels of light.
  • Truly portable with a built in battery which can supply 90 minutes of power. But also has a power port which allows you to plug it into the wall.
  • Internal speakers and a headphone jack. But also has an audio port allowing you to customize the audio with an external source.
  • Something that’s really cool is because of it’s shape it allows you to
  • Long lasting powerful LED light source. On average, traditional bulbs will provide 4000 – 5000 hours of life then you will need to spend a $100 or more on a replacement bulb. To some this may not seem like a big deal. Until the day comes, when they turn on their projector and the bulb will not lite up the screen.

This cube projector runs on a LED light source that provides 20,000 hours of life. This means you will be able to watch over 10,ooo movies before you need a replacement. Or give 20,000, one-hour long presentations.

Excellent connectivity to mobile, laptop, desktop devices. Being able to connect a projector to mobile devices or being able to stream movie content from a laptop or desktop is very important to most consumers. The graph below details this models connectivity.

As the graph explains, this mini projector provides has the capability to connect to a wide range of different devices: MAC, PC, Samsung, IOS, IPhone, gaming consoles (XBOX, Play station).

If we have not answered the question you have. You might want to stop over at Amazon and look through the question and answer section. So far there has been over 50 questions asked and answered. And close to 200 different customers have give there own personal review after using the RIF6 Cube Projector.

Read owner reviews at Amazon 

RIF6 Cube projector connections review

Conclusion – RIF6 Cube Projector worth the money

If you need a portable mini projector we do very much believe this projector is worth paying the $269.99 for. See the image to the side showing how many stars customers gave this unit.

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At the time of writing this review (summer of 2015)  there were over 170 different customers rated this model. The majority gave it 5-stars and 4-stars.

As we said, over 170 different people took the time to rate this model on Amazon. If we are buying a product that had only one or even a few people rating it then we would be suspicious if these are a true reflection. But when a product has over 170 different people giving their ratings!?! This is a lot more credible.

But if you look at the image showing how customers rated the RIF6 Cube projector you will see a small percent did give it a 1-star.

The most common compliant seems to be from people who have a problem with the navigation and remote control. A small percentage of others claim they were sent a defective product which would not turn on.

Not to take the side of companies but you take a chance whenever you buy anything.  There will always be a certain, hopefully small percent of defective products.

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