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by Jane on July 29, 2015

Can you make it big?

We have had more than one question on the 2015 Celluon PicoPro projector. Many of these questions centered on how big of a screen picture this little projector can produce, what’s up with the 30 lumen rating, isn’t that pretty weak?

First, about the 30 lumen rating. Before this projector hit the market there was much discussion at a popular projector forum on the web. Many of these members scoffed and said this was nothing but a toy.

Some were teasing the low of lumens might be able to projector an image the size of a postage stamp… Below you will see a video showing a 70 inch image projected by the Celluon PicoPro. We have also seen 80 – 100 inch screen sizes demonstrated.

Please note this is with the lights off or in a very dimly lite room.

You would have to be blind to have not notice the darkening and lighting that happens a few times throughout the video.

As we have never seen this occur in live demonstrations, we can only assume this was caused by the presenter turning on and off the room lights to show the picture quality, lights on vs. the lights off or it could be due to low batteries warning as you can read on the screen.

If you need more information on this model, see our full review and how we rate it.

Surprising large image vs. low lumens rating

In our opinion, the Celluon PicPro is capable and bright enough to produce a quality 80-inch image.

How is it possible that a 30 lumen model can produce such a large quality image? Did you know this model is a laser projector? We are not absolutely positive but we think this is the first laser projector to ever be on the market.

How big of a screen image

80-inch screen image

Understand, when we say a quality 80-inch image we are not saying equal to a high-definition $2000 or even $1000 model. You need to realize what you are buying. This is a 720p resolution pico projector with a price under $400.

It has received great ratings and reviews from those who have bought it. The contrast and black levels are outstanding, as demonstrated in the video below.

The video starts off with the lights on.


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