Screen Size – LG PF1500

by Jane on July 9, 2015

LG PF1500 and Screen Size

LG Electronics PF1500 review

LG PF1500 Screen Size

Hey! We just got done writing a review on this new 2015 projector, which we believe will become one of the most popular models of the year. But there was one thing we forgot to mention… Screen Size.

How big can you make it without having a negative effect on image quality?

In the specifications manual, LG the manufacture recommends, 120 inches as the largest screen image to project.

We tested this projector this projector in our home, while we do agree 120 inches is about the limit when using this model during the day time or in a well lite room.

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On the other hand, when testing in our basement with the lights off, we increased the image to approximately 135 inches and did not notice any significant amount of image degradation.

An extra 15 inches might not be a huge deal but we wanted to let you know. Have you had the chance to see the image quality put out by the LG PF1500?

This is a 1080p high resolution projector for under $1000. As you watch the video, keep in mind, your computer monitor’s resolution probably doesn’t allow you to fully realize┬áthe picture quality. But in our opinion, it’s still comes off as very impressive in the video.

At the beginning of 2015 we wrote a review page, pointing out the top 1080p projectors costing less than $1000 for the year.

As we wrote out these picks we knew there would be at least one projector released afterward, if not more, that we would need to add to this list.

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The LG PF1500 model was the first model that made us say, we need to add it. And truthfully, this might be the new #1 1080p home movie model to buy in 2015.

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