Selection of 1080p and presentation projector in 2015

by Jane on February 3, 2015

The information below gives links to the models we reviewed in January of 2015. No matter what type of projector you are searching for: 1080p home theater, gaming, an inexpensive presentation or even a portable projector model you will find relevant up to date reviews on a wide variety of different types below.

  • If you are interested in learning what’s new in 1080p home theater in 2015 follow this link and watch a video which highlights some of the best and newest models at a reasonable price. There’s also a high quality portable model listed on the page near the bottom.
  • If you are searching for a a good but inexpensive wireless projector for presentation. This Epson model is very bright and displayed very colorful images. It also has the capability to connect to all the different mobile devices. You can run your presentation from your iPhone with this model.
  • If the presentation model in the bullet point above isn’t exactly what you are looking for here’s another choice for under $400.

Tip of day – Buying the right projector

This tip is for people who are wanting to buy a projector for primarily showing a specific type of image. We can break the term “image” down into: data, video, photos, and games. Sure, you could buy any projector and be able to show any of these types of images listed. But you should be aware, nowadays, many projectors are designed and manufactured to best handle a specific type of image whether it be:┬ádata, video, photos, and games.

Keep this in mind when reading product description.

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