Shopping for projectors: Black Friday vs. Online Cyber Monday

by Jane on November 22, 2015

We want to talk about 2015 Black Friday and also if you are interest in buying a projector this year, whether it be for home movies, gaming, or business which models we recommend, especially with the possibility of discounts. November 26th, at 12:00 A.M. marks the official beginning of Black Friday 2015! Or does it?!?

A couple years ago Cyber Monday was introduced. Tailor-made for people who prefer to find the best deals shopping online from the comfort of their home. It has been a success for both customers and retailers. But have you ever heard of Amazon Black Friday?

Cyber Monday Sony VPLHW40ES review


See current price at Amazon for the Sony VPLHW40ES

Black Friday at Amazon begins November 20th, 2015. From what we understand, not all intended discounted items will go on sale immediately at the same time on Nov 20th. Also, not all items will stay at a reduced price throughout. The different discounts will come in waves and will also have set time limits.

If you have not yet visited AMAZON for this year’s event. To better understand what we mean by time limits and waves. See here. Once there you will see a banner at the top of the page for Black Friday, click there and you will be able to see the current deals being offered but notice under each is a countdown clock telling you when it will end.

We are not positive if all the deals are listed in this section after you click the Black Friday banner, if you don’t find what you are interested in you may want to directly search in the AMAZON search.

Panasonic AE8000U discounted for XMAS

Panasonic AE8000U

See current price at Amazon for the Panasonic AE8000U

When will the deals end

We are neither sure of what you will find discounted nor are we exactly sure of the official end to AMAZON Black Friday. We believe it will officially run the entire week, lasting at least until the end of the traditional Black Friday in the stores on November 26th, the day after Thanksgiving.

Actually. Then there’s Cyber Monday, starting the beginning of the next week. So we expect the deals to continue into the next week.

Double Actually. This is only our opinion but we think 2015 is the year where buying for XMAS will begin to morph dramatically into more online shopping and less shopping in the traditional brick-n-mortar stores. It already has but we think this year will show a dramatic rise.

We think AMAZON, as well as other major retailers will continue to offer significant discounts online throughout the month of December leading into Christmas. Historically, Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. Do you know the second biggest day?

Home cinema projector list 2015

Epson 5025UB


See current reviews at Amazon for the Epson 505UB

The second biggest shopping day of the year is December 24th, the day before XMAS. Thinking back in my lifetime, I have done a lot of shopping on this day. And it sucks, at least in the brick-n-mortar stores.

Why does it suck? From my experience in the 1990’s and early 2000’s trying to shop on the 24th, you will have a very hard time finding the most popular items of the year still in stock.

I remember going into a lot for stores, seeing the shelves almost completely out of stock. I was mostly in toy stores trying to find a toy for my very young nieces and nephews at this time. But I had to buy something for their gift! So I would end up buying the unpopular toy that was still in stock. Nowadays, I just give them a card and money. It’s so much easier and allows them t buy what they want.

But we bring shopping on the 24th for a reason. We are not saying to wait this long to finally buy your presents but if you happen to find yourself in this situation where you need to finish your shopping so late we suggest you look online because you might find some good deals on popular items. The one draw back is it probably will not arrive in time for XMAS.

Home Movie Projectors

Above we have shown picture of three different home movie projectors: Sony VPLHW40ES, Panasonic AE8000U and the Epson 5025UB.

All three are high definition 1080p home movie projectors. All three are very highly regarded in their price range. Currently (2015) and depending where you look these three projectors are normally priced in the range of $1800 – 2500. If you can find any of these models at a discounted price we do recommend checking these out.

Our favorite is the Sony VPLHW40ES.

Furthermore, if you are interested in buying a 1080p projector but would like to see some examples of more affordable options compared to the three listed above. See are list of recommended models in the $1000 and under price range.

Shopping: Black Friday vs. online Cyber Monday

 Many people actually do enjoy the mad rush and the surge of adrenaline they feel going out shopping in the stores on Black Friday. This time of year usually does provide for at least one viral YouTube video of some crazy shoppers.

In our opinion, we don’t like going out to the stores. Haven’t since back in the 1980’s when probably a normally sweet older lady almost rip my head off for putting my hands on a cabbage patch doll. Then mistakenly tried it again 25 years later trying to get a deal on a PS4 (PlayStation 4). After waiting in line for hours, no dice, they ran out.

We would rather stay home and let the turkey digest and maybe have another slice of pumpkin pie. We would rather shop online where we can find just as good of deals without wasting our time standing in line and dealing with the frustration that this day can bring.

Many times the stores will offer a couple very good deals on only certain items. Many times, if you are at the back of the line you will not even get to take advantage of this discount as the store will run out of the item you came for. The goal of the store is to get you there because they know you will make other purchases at  normal, non discounted prices.

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