The 300-inch Image by Epson 2000

by Jane on July 20, 2015

We recently wrote a review on the Epson PowerLite 2000 home movie projector. We classify this product as an entry-level, high definition 1080p model for viewing movies, TV and gaming.

We received a question asking about the maximum image size this model is capable of producing. Epson’s specification manual and product description claim the Epson 2000 is capable of producing a 300-inch screen image.

We also tested this model in our home to verify this claim.

Yes, the projector is capable of producing a “view-able 300-inch”, we add view-able to our answer, since many projectors can produce this size of an image but the picture quality is degraded to the point that no person would blow it up to this size for viewing.

If you would like to see this demonstrated, skip to around the 1:35 point in the video below you. And notice how humongous it looks when compare to the 60-inch TV below it in the video.

The image seen in the video above was projected onto a plain white wall, not a projector screen. While it would look better with a screen we still think the image quality looks impressive projected on to the wall.

If you are interest in this model and want to learn more, visit our review page.

If you are new to projectors, realize that you are not required to keep the image this large. After testing in your home lighting environment you may find that you prefer to size it down to 250, 200, 150 inches or even smaller.

Anyways, whatever size you do decide to use it at it will still probably dwarf any TV screen in your home.

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