The image quality and resolution level of the Mileagea LED Projector

by Jane on May 29, 2016

One of the most important features or properties of a home movie projector is its level of resolution. We want to explain resolution, for those who might be interested in buying the Mileagea LED mini Projector.

This is a very inexpensive projector in 2016 costing under $100. Prices can change but this is the price we see as we write this review.

Mileagea LED Projector image quality and resolution

Full HD Home Theater

If you have looked at this model online you probably have come across the words, “Full HD” in the model’s product description. For the most part, HD or High Definition refer to the level of resolution. Although if you look up the definition of this phrase you will find no direct reference to “resolution” in the dictionary definition. From high to low there are many different levels of resolution.

What we are so clumsy trying to say, the definition of “high-definition” does not designate or set standards on which levels of resolution are considered high definition and which resolutions are considered low.

The definition only says: a high degree of detail in an image or screen.

Is the Mileagea LED Projector “Full HD”?

By definition there is no problem with labeling this model as “Full HD” in the product description. However, the problem with this, when most people think of high-definition they think: 4K, 1080p or maybe even 720p resolutions.

The resolution of the Milegea LED Projector is 800×480. This level is far below what most every person would consider high definition.

But the product description says 1920 x 1080 (1080p)

This is another important part of what we want to explain. If you review the product description and specifications of the Milegea projector before buying you may read:

  • Compatible Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Highest Resolution: 1080p

Above can be very misleading for many people. As we mentioned above the resolution level of this model is 800×480. This would be what is called the “native” resolution.


Compatible and highest resolution means? 

This is very important to understand:

For example, say you set up your projector at home and connect it to a certain external device, say a 1080p Blu-ray player or TV.

This Milegea model will be able to connect to these devices, understand the signal from these devices and project the image. It is “compatible”, however, the resolution of the image projected will not be 1080p. Rather, it will be played down to the native 800×480 of this model.

A final word

We didn’t write this to degrade the quality of Mileagea LED mini Projector, for the money this model actually provides good value.

The purpose of this review was to maybe help clear up confusion for people who are looking to buy a high definition projector. The product description, while not lying, it can be a bit confusing for people who may not have a good understanding on resolution or how projectors work. We would not consider this model as high definition as the product description tells. 

If you are a person wanting a to find high definition for cheap we would recommend looking over this list of projectors.


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