Top Ten Video Projectors 2015| Video Review

by Jane on January 5, 2015

We came across the video below shortly after we wrote our own review on what we thought were the best 1080p home theater projectors for under $1000 (2014-2015).

Since the title of the video below “Top Ten Video Projectors 2015 | Best Home Theater Projectors”, was very closely related to what we had just got done writing about we were curious if we shared the same opinions.

Whether or not this video agrees with our opinions 100% we do think this is a good source of information for anyone who will be looking to buy a home theater projector in 2015.

What we learned from the video

Our review, the best 1080p home theater projectors for under $1000 (2014-2015) rates five different models (quality vs price), while the video above is a “top ten” review which includes a mixture of portable, gaming, high-end home theater, and standard everyday use models.

So the criteria used to rank the models in our review was close but not exactly the same as the video’s. However, we were happy to see 4 out of the 5 models we rated as tops (see link above) were also found in the video above. So maybe :) we do know what we are talking about after all??? 

We humbly disagree with our 5th model not being include since it’s rated very high on our list. This 5th model was the Optoma HD26, a high quality 1080p high resolution projector for under $700.

Top Home Movie Projectors 2015

Optoma HD26 1080P – See at Amazon

Our opinion on models in the video

It takes a lot to keep up with all the new models hitting the market, month to month and year to year. In our reviews we don’t limit ourselves to only our opinions and experiences using the models when we rate and review.

From watching this video it did introduce us to a few new 2015 models that we need to review.

1. Optoma HD141X 1080p Projector – High definition home movies with 10 watt audio and MHL hook-up for mobile devices. Under $800.

2. Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector – Standard definition but is fits in your hand and you can take it anywhere. Provides a 60 inch image and has HDMI hook-up.

3. Epson 5030UB 1080p 3LCD – This is the most expensive projector on this list but for good reason. It provides “real” 3D conversion, 1080p,6000:1 contrast and a bunch of other extras.

4. Epson EX5220 Wireless XGA 3LCD – Standard resolution but the wireless capability is really cool.

5. Digital Galaxy DG-737 Dream Land – This is the best value option on the list with a price under $200. Definitely worth a look if you’re someone on the budget.

6. Epson VS230 – This is a great image producing projector since it uses Epson’s color blending technology. Available in SVGA and XGA resolutions.

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