Viewsonic Light Stream PJD6350 – Wireless Presentation Projector

by Jane on September 19, 2015

Wireless Multi-Media Projector under $600 – Educational, Church, Business Presentation

ViewSonic PJD6350 wireless projector reviewNew in 2015, the Viewsonic Light Stream PJD6350 (Price: $599) this projector is designed for business and classroom presentations.

  • Wireless – Local Area Networking 
  • Native XGA (1024×768) resolution,
  • Multi-media projector running on DLP technology
  • Inputs VGA, HDMI, Composite, Audio, USB, Networking

We do believe this is a rock solid choice, however, in many ways it’s another run of the mill DLP projector. But who gets overly excited over a presentation projector anymore? Did they ever?

Our testing and feedback left in other owner reviews shows many positives exist with this ViewSonic model. In 2015 and beyond this will be a solid choice for classroom, church and business presentations and also similar venues.

Although we say run of the mill it does provide a few special features that you will not find on other multi-media models at the under $600 price point. We will give a short review of these features.

ViewSonic Multi-Media projector


Why we like it

Besides providing excellent brightness (3300 lumen), colors and sharpness, there are few special features the Viewsonic Light Stream PJD6350 includes which you will not find in other multi-media projectors in its price class (under $600). teachers and business people will find useful:

  •  SuperColor Technology
  • DynamicEco Mode
  • SonicExpert Technology
  • 3D Blu-ray Ready
  • PortAll: Secure MHL/HDMI Port

Positive: We can’t tell you how it works but the SuperColor Technology provides brighter and more vivid colors. If you use images, graphs or tables during your presentations this technology will benefit that use.

Neutral: DynamicEco Mode – Maybe we shouldn’t have even included this on the special feature list. This may just be an energy-saving plug! If you read product descriptions, most companies will describe their projectors as being energy efficient, and this will “save you money”!!! Nowadays, everyone has been made aware about being efficient and saving energy. I am under the impression all companies, not just ViewSonic try to take advantage of this claim. 

Positive: A need for louder internal speakers? The sound quality provided by internal speakers of most projectors is very low grade quality, mostly in the area of volume. A person buying their first projector may not realize this weakness but people experienced with the ins-and-outs of projectors already know they will need to hook-up an external audio source to get their desired sound quality.

With that said, we do need to give the designers of the Viewsonic Light PJD6350, credit here with their SonicExpert Technology its not perfect but the internal speakers are noticeably louder than all other projectors we have tested. If you are making a presentation in a larger room and you choose not to hook-up and use external audio, participants will be sitting some distance away this will be useful.

Neutral: 3D Blu-ray Ready we are neutral on this feature because we never use 3D it doesn’t appeal to use. But we know know some people do like to use the technology. If you are one of those who like 3D, then we want you to know this projector is capable of displaying 3D images from a Blu-Ray player.

Positive: PortAll: Secure MHL/HDMI Port – There’s not much we can say to describe this but it gives you the ability to network and connect to all your external devices. A very useful feature for presenters.

Flexibility: Presentation Vs. Home Movies

To often we see people buying presentation or multi-media projectors for the purpose of home movies.

If you are looking to buy a projector to play movies, maybe for your kids for gaming. Although, if needed, the Viewsonic Light PJD6350 can perform these functions this is definitely not the right choice to dedicate to movies and gaming. This projector was made for presentations.

To make it clear why. While this ViewSonic model provides value and high quality for under $600 and also includes a few special features making it a great  for classroom, church and business presentations. The low contrast and black levels and lower than high definition resolution (native XGA 1024×768) does not make it a good choice for movies or gaming.

The bottom line

If you are looking to paid under $600 for a wireless multi-media projector the  Viewsonic Light PJD6350 is a solid choice. It’s not perfect but for the price it’s a quality buy.

The best features of this model are the vivid colors, internal speakers and the networking provided by the PortAll: Secure MHL/HDMI Port.

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