ViewSonic PDJ5134 Projector – manual and specifications

by Jane on March 11, 2016

Owner’s Manual Vs. Online Reviews

Looking for information on the ViewSonic PDJ5134 projector? Online reviews are a helpful source of practical information. However, these reviews can also at times be highly opinionated and/or contain inaccurate information.

Another option is to read the owner’s manual. This is definitely not the most exciting stuff to read but does provide a good overview of the model, while also accurate information on specifications.

Find this model’s user guide here. This is a PDF file that will download.

If you would like to read how we rate this model. Read our review here.

Navigating the Owner’s Manual

Just so you know, the manual linked above is 80 some odd pages. Below are a few of the sections along with their page number that we think contain the most useful information:

  • Projector Features – page 4
  • List of Specifications – page 58
  • Controls and Functions – page 7
  • Choosing the best location and positioning – page 12
  • Dimensions – page 13
  • Connection to computers, monitors and other video sources – pages 15 -17
  • Adjusting the image – page 26
  • Selecting an Aspect Ratio – page 28
  • Using the 3D option – page 37
  • Lamp information – page 51
  • Troubleshooting – page 57
  • Recommended ceiling mount installation – page 60

Obviously, since the manual is over 80 pages long we skipped around. But the pages we did layout above we believe contain the most common and useful information people are looking for. Download the PDF for the manual.

If you would like to read our review of the ViewSonic PDJ5134, see how we rate it and what uses it is best fit for you can find our full review here.

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