ViewSonic PJD 5155 for School PowerPoint Presentations

by Jane on October 16, 2017

We want to answer a question asked about the ViewSonic PJD5155, pertaining to, whether or not this model can be used for classroom PowerPoint presentations? And would it would a good choice? 

The short answer would be YES this model is capable of handling PowerPoint presentations.

While its definitely not the top projector on the market you can buy we believe in 2017-2018 this is actually a very decent choice for use in school classrooms or even for businesses.

It’s a great feeling to find others who agree with our advice. Watch the video.

What’s Good for Teachers

Brightness – Provides 3300 lumens of brightness. This is very good when compared against many other options in the price range.

Image Size – sitting 12 feet away from the screen this projector is capable of producing a 83 inch image, sitting 30 feet away the image size produced will be 207 inches. You can go between these distances to best fit your classroom.

Contrast – 20,000:1 contrast ratio. What does this mean? This is the difference between how the darkest and the brightest colors will appear in the image projected. PowerPoint presentations consist of dark text on a white background, contrast level is a very important specification to consider.

Sharpness – In addition to high contrast the ViewSonic PJD 5155 projects a clean sharp image which is great for text in PowerPoint slides

Connecting – HDMI port. From my experience in high school through college every PowerPoint presentation I have sat through or given was by connecting a laptop to a projector and this was thru a HDMI port.

What could be better

Resolution – The resolution provided by this model is sufficient for displaying text on PowerPoint slides. However, this is not high-definition.

Connectivity – As we mentioned above this ViewSonic projector does provide a HDMI port to connect to laptops to run presentations. However, if you are looking for wireless connectivity this model does not provide this capability.

Sucker!!! You bought the ViewSonic PJD 5155?

Although this model is not our top choice in the price range, if we saw this model sitting on a table in a school or business we would not lecture on it being a bad choice because it is not.

The ViewSonic PJD 5155 ranks strongly in three areas important to presentations:

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Connectivity to laptops

With that said, personally, we believe Epson projectors are the best choice for school and business presentations.  On average these models are higher priced but offer a higher degree of functionality. Take a look at our top recommendations for PowerPoint before you make a decision.


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