Vivitek D554 Portable DLP Projector Review – SVGA XGA WXGA resolutions

by Jane on May 14, 2016

Before beginning this review of the Vivitek D554 DLP Portable Projector (PC and 3D ready) where we will mention what we perceive as the pro’s and con’s of this model we first want to say this model is available at three different resolution levels.

  • SVGA
  • XGA
  • WXGA

The list above goes from lower to higher resolution, SVGA being the lowest and WXGA being the highest. Depending where you ultimately make your purchase you will probably see around $200 – 300 difference in price between the SVGA and WXGA options and the price for the XGA will lay some where in between.

While the following video isn’t directly over the model we are reviewing here, however, it does explain one of the very most important features of projectors in general. This feature is “contrast ratio” understanding this should provide help in your decision making.

Strengths and weakness

Vivitek D554 SVGA DLP Portable Projector review

There are countless far more expensive and higher functioning options on the market but if you are a budget conscious person not wanting to spend a fortune the Vivitek D554 portable projector does provide good overall features and specifications compared to other similarly price projectors.

In our opinion the biggest strength of this model is brightness output. It provides 3000 lumens of brightness and this is superior or equal to most every projector in its price range. Especially if you decide to go with the SVGA (least expensive) resolution version. The brightness is similar to many much more expensive projectors on the market.

Did you watch the video above which explains contrast ratio? This is another area of strength for this model. It’s contrast ratio is 15,000:1. This is a very good rating at this price point.

The technology it runs on are solid. This is a DLP based model and the has the Texas Instrument Brilliant Color chip for enhanced colors.

In our view the overall strengths (or greatest): Brightness and contrast.

Are these really actual weaknesses

At times it is very hard to say if a certain feature is a weakness, compared to much more expensive models there are weaknesses but compared to models in the same price range maybe not so much to complain about.

As we mentioned at the top of the page the Vivitek D554 DLP Portable Projector is available at three different resolution levels: SVGA, WXGA, XGA. None of these are considered high definition but if you want something with higher resolution this will require you to spend a bit more money.

But as for the resolution level of this projector being a weakness when compared to other models in its price range we really can’t say it is because these other models are providing the same levels.

What about color output? The colors are decent but again many other more expensive models are superior.

Lamp life? The life is 5000 hours on normal mode and 6000 hours on ecomode. Again this is decent and comparable to many projectors but there are models out there with long lamp life (again usually more expensive).

What about inputs

At the time of writing this review this model has been on the market for around three years. Over this time technology has advance so you will find new models with more connectivity options.

With that said, this model still provides HDMI connectivity the most commonly used output for connecting to external devices such as a laptop, DVD, Blu-Ray etc etc.

Other connetions include: Dual VGA inputs, VGA output, Composite Video and S-Video

Vivitek D554 projector HDMI inputs review

The Bottom Line

As we mentioned there are three different versions of the Vivitek D554 DLP Portable Projector. These versions differ in resolution:

  • SVGA
  • XGA
  • WXGA

The lower versions, SVGA and as well as the XGA are also cheaper in price compared to the higher resolution WXGA version of this model.

For the money we believe the SVGA and XGA versions compare stronger to other models in their price range on the other hand the more expensive WXGA version we believe there are much better choices for the amount of money it will cost you.

Overall, the D554 projector is decent quality and receives constantly good ratings from customers.

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