What are the differences Optoma hd141x vs Benq w1070

by Jane on July 18, 2016

You have a certain amount of money in your pocket and you want to buy the best possible projector with that money. Since you found your way here you probably are interested in opinions on Optoma hd141x vs Benq w1070 how they compare. First, before we give you our opinion we want to mention something that might be worthwhile in your decision making.

If you have been looking at the different choices at your price point I think you would agree there are many, many different choices. Maybe, you are reading reviews like this one to help decide which model is the best. Another thing you can do which might help is go to a forum and ask a question.

One forum we would recommend is the AVS Forum. For example, simply go there, ask which projector would you buy the Optoma hd141x or the Benq w1070. Within the day you will get responses. If you would like to see our final opinion scroll down to the end of the page.

Who wins? Comparing the important features

go by only one review we are going to review and compare the most important features (brightness, resolution, contrast as well as other)

Feature #1 – Resolution

In the court of public opinion, “resolution” is probably the most important feature of a projector. Although there are other features which are important, for the most part this is correct. Resolution is especially important when the intended use is for home movies or gaming. Resolution is not as important when buying a projector for business or classroom presentation.

Resolution is a huge factor determining image quality and definition. Basically, its the number of dots (pixels) which go into creating an image. The more pixels the higher the definition. What is high definition resolution? 

Currently (in 2016) the highest resolution projectors on the market is 4K. However, these are very expensive at he current time you would probably be required to dish out $5000+ in order to own one of these. In my opinion it will be at least a few years from now before we see any significant price drop in these models. So what is the next best option in resolution? And how do the Optoma hd141x compare Benq w1070 in this area? Who wins?

1080p high definition resolution projectors

For the consumer the next best choice is 1080p resolution. This was considered “high definition” for many years and technically still is called high definition. What’s considered “High definition” will always change as technology advances. But for the most part, in 2016 and probably into the next few year the 1080p level will be the highest level of resolution the majority of consumers own.

In this projector comparison both Optoma hd141x and the Benq w1070 provide 1080p resolution. So we will call it a TIE.


Feature #2 – Technology

There are two major types of technology found inside most projectors, either DLP or LCD. We prefer LCD, although their are strengths and weakness with both of these technologies.

The two projectors we are comparing here are both DLP.


Feature #3 – Colors

The color quality of these two projectors is strongly related to the DLP Technology mentioned above. DLP projectors shine a single beam of light onto a spinning color wheel. The LCD combine 3 beams of light to produce their colors and is why we prefer LCD over DLP.

With that said, we would say a LCD projector such as the Epson 2045 as having superior color output when compared to either the Optoma or BenQ models being compared here. Between these two models we believe the BenQ provides slightly superior color output.


Feature #4 – Brightness

Projectors on the market come in a wide range of brightness levels and the characteristic is measured in the unit of lumens. However, there is also a measurement called ANSI lumens. The Optoma hd141x is rated 3000 ANSI lumens, while the Benq w1070 is rated 2000 lumens.

There is no easy way to convert lumens and ANSI lumens in order to standardize the comparison. From our personal experience with both of these models we would say they both give out good brightness but would give the edge here to the Optoma hd141x.


Feature #5 – Contrast

What exactly is contrast? Well, if you don’t know. In simple terms, contrast is how dark, blacks and browns appear on the screen compared to white and lighter colors and is measured by the contrast ratio rating of the projector.

How do you interpret the listed contrast ratio? For example if you read a ratio of 1000:1 this means dark colors appear 1000 times darker than light colors. Below are the ratios of the two projectors we are comparing:

  • Optoma hd141x: 23,000:1
  • BenQ w1070: 10,000:1

Above you can see the Optoma is rated almost 2.5 times higher in contrast compared to the BenQ model. While we are willing to give the Optoma the advantage in this characteristic from our viewing experience we do not think the difference is close to 2.5 times better.

The problem with comparing projectors manufactured by different companies is sometimes these companies use different methods to measure and rate different characteristics. As we said, we do believe the Optoma model provides higher contrast but we do not see it as being 2.5 times greater then the BenQ model.


Feature #6 – For Gamer’s

One of the first things you need to look at if you are buying a projector specifically for gaming is the frames per second (fps). If the projector does not have at least equal or greater fps as the game you are playing then you will experience lag.

The BenQ w1070 moves at 60 fps and we prefer it for gaming in this comparison especially if you are playing fast moving games like first person shooters. It is also an excellent choice at its price point (in 2016) for 3D games.

Final Opinion – Optoma hd141x vs Benq w1070

There is one option we have not mention and that is the price difference between these two models. We will get to this in a moment. It is our opinion that each of these models provide good value at their individual price point in 2016.

With that said, we believe the BenQ w1070 projector is the superior projector.

If you read over this review this might be confusing to you since we did rate the Optoma hd141x equal or better in a some of the listed features. This is true. But in the features we rated it better we tried to make it clear that it was only a very slight advantage.

The main reasons we believe the BenQ w1070 is the better choice are because of the superior color output and for gaming. The Optoma hd141x is brighter. Because of the brightness, comparing the image quality of these two models with the room lights it will be hard to tell a significant difference. However, once you dim the lights the difference in color become very evident in favor of the BenQ model.

About price (difference). As we said, we believe both model provide good value for their cost of ownership in 2016. We do not set or control the prices. Prices do change. If the amount of money you have to spend plays a big factor in your decision you should check out the prices of both models before making a final decision.

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indo9apps.com September 16, 2016 at 8:39 pm

I was wondering if there was a 1080p LCD projector close in price to these two that you would recommend?


Jane September 17, 2016 at 4:40 am

Sorry for the short response but one you might want to look at is the Epson 2040 (both LCD and 1080p resolution) we are fairly sure this model is close in price compared to these two.


julie December 9, 2017 at 1:13 am

Epson in my opinion has dropped in long term quality with core processor issued down the line.


Jane December 9, 2017 at 11:38 am

Thanks for your opinion I will be looking into any changes which they have made concerning core processors.


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