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by Jane on October 1, 2015

The 2015-2016 holiday season is fast approaching, plenty of kids and parents will be searching for an answer to, “What’s the best gaming monitor for the PS4”. Here we provided a list of our top picks.

What’s the most important quality for a good gaming projector to have? Unless you play a lot of solitary, we feel the most important quality for a gaming monitor is excellent motion clarity.

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with solitary, there’s been times in my life when I have become a bit obsessed with the game, becoming the World Champion on a certain Solitary App on my Samsung Tablet. Or at least besting my father’s scores.

Our top choices below include monitors from 24-35 inches at a price range between $250 to over $1000.

Also, all the monitors on this list are 1080p high definition resolution, widescreen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. And most importantly all have the proper inputs to connect to the PS4 gaming console.

Best gaming monitors for PS4 2015- 2016

We will start with, our “Overall Best Value Monitor”, then begin listing other top choices, in order from the most expensive to least working our way down in price.

BenQ RL2460HT – Best Value Choice

Excellent Value

Excellent Value

If you want guaranteed quality and high performance to go along with your PS4 game play, without vaporizing your bank account then the BenQ RL2460HT  is an excellent overall choice.

Being a 24 inch screen it’s far from the widest screen but the 1080p high definition screen, inputs and functionalities provided make it one of the baddest you can buy.

What makes this model special? A lot! To start, BenQ brought in fighting game legend, Justin “JWong” Wong of Evil Geniuses to co-design it.

With that said, you shouldn’t have any doubt the BenQ RL2460HT was designed for fighting games.

The response time is virtually zero. Meaning the time it takes to see the action on the screen after pushing the button on your controller is virtually zero.

The BenQ RL2460HT is also, the first monitor with HDMI out. Awesome ability to have.What does this mean, what advantage does it provide?

The HDMI out, records and streams the game to you. But your reactions in the game are in real-time. Virtually eliminating lag, providing a great competitive advantage.

The video review below was provided by a YOUTUBER named, Rick Dilley. Warning, Warning!!!: At times in the video, he sort of has a naughty mouth! We hesitated including his review here. But overall he does a good job reviewing the BenQ RL2460HT. See our complete review.

For under $300, the BenQ RL2460HT  holds tremendous value. It’s one of the smaller screens (24-inch) on our list. Some gamers prefer small screens. On average, smaller screens do provide overall better picture quality. If we were buying, this BenQ monitor would be hard for us to pass up.

If a wider screen is what you need, our list below provides a variety of choices.

How much money (most to least expensive)

BenQ XR3501 35-inch Curved Screen

BenQ XR3501 for PS4

BenQ XR3501

A 35-inch curved screen monitor built specifically for gamers, it’s 144 hz with absolutely no flickering or artifacting.

Provides excellent response time/input lag. Very important when playing shooter, racing or other fast moving games on the PS4.

The BenQ XR3501 provides three different gaming speed modes. The first time you play on the fastest, might have to relearn the game. Depending on what monitor you have used before, it could make a significant difference in the strategies you employ in your favorite games.

Any negative? The display port (DP) cables included with this model are not high quality, but these are easily replaced for $10-15 you can buy the highest quality cables.

Another negative, or maybe a perceived negative, the BenQ XR3501 doesn’t include built-in speakers. You will need to hook-up an external audio source, This isn’t such a bad thing, since most gamers do use external audio sources.

Read our review before you buy.

Acer XR341CK Curved 34-inch

Best for movies and gamingA very high quality model with an extremely sharp picture and ultra wide 21:9 aspect ratio. Sitting in front of the Acer XR341CK, as the curved screen wraps around your head, you will be immersed in high definition.

This is an excellent overall monitor, it’s good for gaming but it’s not great. It will play game content from the PS4 but since the PS4 isn’t able to display at 21:9 aspect ratio there will be black bars on the top and bottom and at the sides.

Still, it definitely provides a very unique screen environment to sit in front of and play. At times, this can be thrilling to the senses!

But at times this is not what you want!

This is a great monitor, very high quality. But, if your PS4 game playing is completely dedicated to fast moving games, the response time on the Acer XR341CK is 4ms. Not terribly slow but compared to 1ms response time of our best value recommendation, the BenQ RL2460HT (at the top of the page) it definitely lags behind.

However, this is a great monitor for movies and is also very capable for gaming as well. If you play slower moving games, plus are an avid movie viewer, this is a perfect fit.

Is this the best 34-inch Curved monitor for $1000?

The models above are too expensive for me

Above we recommended two models, both priced around $1000. Both are very high quality models. You don’t need to spend this much to get  something great to go along with your PS4. We included these more expensive choices in case someone needed a couple recommendations for combination of movie viewing and game play.

As far as the best dedicated monitors for the PS4 we can show you a few options that are less expensive.

BenQ XL2430T 24-Inch LED Back-Lit

BenQ XL2430

BenQ XL2430

This is a monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time. Taken together, this means the BenQ XL2430T  is a very fast monitor. But we want to expand on this speed below. Do you need it for PS4 games?

  • LED back-lit LCD
  • 1080p high definition resolution.
  • Black eQualizer 2.0
  • Motion Blur technology
  • Excellent color accuracy
  • Zero flicker

Read our review on the BenQ XL2430

With a price tag under $400 there’s a lot to like about the BenQ XL2430T.

1ms gaming monitor under $200

ASUS VN247H 1ms Under $200

About the 144Hz refresh rate. Hz (Hertz) an unit to measure frequency. In the case of 144Hz monitors, means frames will be updated 144 times per second.

In the case of PS4 and also Xbox, not to say this will not change in the future but the games made for these systems usually run around 30-60 fps (frames per second) some may be a bit higher and lower. But to our knowledge, not even the fastest shooter and racing games made for these consoles run at 144 frames per second.

Best Ps4 gaming monitor under $150

ASUS VS238H Under $150

The bottom line: A 144Hz monitor will not improve the speed of your PS4 games. However, if you plan to also play PC games, these usually run at a much higher frames per second rate, a 144Hz monitor would be useful in this case.

I took physics in high school and college 

If you have ever spent time reading comments in forums across the web about 144Hz monitors and their effect on PS4 game play speed. there’s a good chance you have ran into many  people claiming their new 144Hz monitor has created a noticeable difference in the speed.

Best 1ms monitor for Ps4

AOC G2770PQU 144hz, 1ms

If you have ever spent time reading comments in forums across the web about 144Hz monitors and their effect on PS4 game play speed. there’s a good chance you have ran into many  people claiming their new 144Hz monitor has created a noticeable difference in the speed.

This leaves us very confused… Many of the fastest PS4 games only run at 60 (frames per second) so unless their old monitor was running at a speed below 60Hz, there is no scientific answer to why these their new 144Hz monitor appears faster. A monitor can not, does not increase the output speed of the PS4 source.

With that said, we are not saying buying a 144Hz monitor is pointless. There are many uses for this high speed. Many PC based games run at this speed. We wrote this in October of 2015, we also have to assume, in the near future, many PS4 and Xbox games will also be designed to run at higher speeds.

The Bottom Line

Buying the best gaming monitor for the PS4 in 2015 shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Through the choices listed on this page above  we have given more than a few examples of affordable and also recommend models, costing anywhere from under $200, to between $200 – $400.

We still want to say, after reviewing and using so many different options, we believe the BenQ RL2460HT is the best value on the market in 2015-2016.

Do some research on this model, you will find many people praising it. It’s a great buy at around $200.

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