White Vs. Color Brightness

by Jane on September 11, 2015

When buying, evaluating or reviewing a projector, one of the most important qualities to take notice of is the brightness, specifically, lumen output. You would think it would be simple enough to compare the lumen outputs of different projectors listed in their specifications to determine which model is brighter? But, too often this is not the case.

Hopefully, the information we provide here will be useful to your understanding. Also, at the end of this page you will find a link to a very useful tool.

Making sense of the confusion 

Why is it a projector with lower lumen ratings can seem brighter than one with a higher rating? Anyone experienced  with this technology will tell you this is not uncommon a uncommon occurrence. If you are a person buying a projector for the first time

“It’s not uncommon for companies to exaggerate the brightness levels of their projectors in product descriptions and specifications”.

We agree, this may be true. However, there’s also a alternative explanation as to why a projector with a higher in  lumen output rating doesn’t seem as bright as a model with a lower rating.

If you are a person about to buy your first projector the following information should help you in your decision. The following information is very important to understand.

White Vs. Color Brightness 

Here’s the answer to the confusion! The lumen (brightness) rating in the specifications of most projectors only refers to white light output levels.

However, overall brightness also depends on measuring color brightness.  When reading product descriptions and specifications of most projector models, the rating usually only includes, “white light output”.

The only company we have seen to include both “white light and color brightness ratings” in their specifications is Epson.  If you are currently looking to buy  home movie or presentation projector, the different models offered by Epson are great to own.

Color rating is so important

As you probably already know, most if not all, modern projectors show images in color. So what good are the specifications only telling you,  “white light brightness” doing you?

When you actually have data on color brightness, this can and will show a major difference. How do you find this information on color?

Like we said at the beginning of this page, we have a tool. This tool is very helpful if you are trying to figure out brightness between two models.

Find the tool here,  www.colorlightoutput.com.

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